Otherwise return to Sacramento for a crowd pleasing set!

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One of our highlights from this year’s Monster Aftershock Festival has returned to Sacramento! Otherwise made a stop last week to perform at Ace of Spades. The crowd was packed as Otherwise and Buckcherry were in town and guaranteed a night full of energetic rock! That is exactly what we got. Otherwise was amazing and the crowd went wild. It was so awesome to see so many fans singing along to the songs, both old and new. They of course played my favorite song, Darker Side of the Moon and it definitely was a crowd favorite as well. Check out the photos by our Rockin Ryan of their set:


Otherwise have been extensively touring this year in support of their highly well received album, Peace At All Costs. The album has been solidly on our daily playlist since it’s release, definitely proving it is a MUST HAVE!


Otherwise continue to have tour dates added and make sure to see if they are coming to your town. Their music is not only energetic but is uplifting and inspiring. It is wonderful to hear such emotionally driven lyrics and passion from each and every song as well as satisfy your need for straight up hard rock!

Nov. 11 Veterans Day Parade – City Plaza  Reno, NV
Dec 02 The Black Sheepw/ Righteous Vendet… Colorado Springs, CO
Dec 04 Marquis Theaterw/ Righteous Vendet… Denver, CO
Dec 05 Waiting Roomw/ Righteous Vendet… Omaha, NE
Dec 06 Valairw/ Righteous Vendet… Des Moines, IA
Dec 07 Mojoe’sw/ Righteous Vendet… Joliet, IL
Dec 09 The Loftw/ Righteous Vendet… Covington, KY
Dec 12 Masqueradew/ New Medicine, Ri… Atlanta, GA
Dec 13 Cardinal Bands & Billiardsw/ New Medicine, Ri… Wilmington, NC
Dec 14 181 Mainw/ New Medicine, Ri… Gastonia, NC
Dec 16 Boondocksw/ New Medicine, Ri… Springfield, IL
Dec 17 Rock 3405w/ New Medicine, Ri… Joplin, MO
Dec 18 Arvest Bank Theatre @ The Midland Kansas City, MO
Dec 19 Route 20w/ New Medicine, Ri… Racine, WI
Dec 20 Pierre’s – WBYR RADIO SHOW Fort Wayne, IN
Dec 21 Machine Shop Flint, MI
Feb 02 Shiprocked 2015w/ Limp Bizkit, Bla… Miami, FL

We had the opportunity to talk with frontman Adrian Patrick earlier this year, make sure to check it out by visiiting here:  Interview with Adrian Patrick of Otherwise.  Here is a brief excerpt of it:

Music Junkie Press: Also, what is interesting is with your music, is that, it was like at Aftershock, you guys have a wide range of audience, you don’t sit there and put yourselves in this genre checkbox, because you can look out at the crowd and see all styles, all ages, generations, all singing along to your music. I think that is amazing that you guys can capture with that connection that spans across the borderlines that we are tired of seeing.

Patrick: Ya, I am really glad that you brought that up because that is a huge point of contention for us as we are, that is a part of our frustration is we’re so sick of being classified as an Active Rock Band or a Metal Band, you know, we are just a rock n roll band. I don’t know why the music industry or the radio landscape has become so segmented, you know. You know,  If you listen to the songs of True Love Never Dies from song to song and then if you listen to our acoustic EP Enjoy the Pain, song to song, and then you listen to Peace at All Costs, every song sounds different. It doesn’t sound like we are putting out the same album over and over again, or like that our album is pretty much the same song that plays for 40 minutes back to back.  You know and that is what we are going for, that is what we want, that is how we want to differentiate ourselves from the other bands and the other groups out there, and to be quite frankly, unfortunately, rock and roll is not as sexy as it once was and largely due in part to the fact that there is a lot of mediocre artists, that put out mediocre music. And they don’t try to do anything different, you know and we always felt different as people. My brother and I in particular, come from a fairly different background than a lot of guys in our business. SO, whether or not, the love, the critics and whatever, the naysayers think we sound different or cutting edge as a band, I know that we are different as people and I know, it is extremely different being first generation Americans. So you know, we try to capture that in our music, you know. For the longest time, when we were trying to get signed, and when we were trying to make a mark and get out into the national spotlight, one of the biggest obstacles we had, was the fact that these record label dudes were like you know, they were like, “Every song, you know, didn’t sound like the same band!, You have no identity, because, and ”. We are like, “That is our identity!”. We don’t want every song to sound like the last song we just wrote you know.


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Make sure to pick up your copy of Peace At All Costs. It just may be the album to inspire that change in you, give you hope, possibly provide the relief from the obstacles you are facing, and most of all; find the light through the darkness. Pick up the album  on  iTunes: http://smarturl.it/OWPAACiTunes or Amazon:http://smarturl.it/PAACAmazon. Be sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date for their latest news.

~ Crank it up loud, Marisol

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