Pop Evil – Concert Review – Backstage Munich, Nov. 5th, 2014 and Interview with Leigh

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Concert Review Contributed by Alexandra

There was light rain outside and it got pretty cold in Munich that day. A few fans waited outside, when doors opened at 7pm.

Show start was scheduled for 8pm. There wasn’t an opening act officially announced for the Germany tour, so it was kind of a surprise, who that would be. It was a local band called Thunder and Blitzkrieg (www.thunderandblitzkrieg.com). You can’t really define their music to a certain style. I’d say it’s hard rock with punk influences. They had a few fans there that knew the lyrics. When they started to play there weren’t really that many people there, but the ones that were seemed to like it.  Check out a slide show of photos from their set:

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The room was more crowded, when at 9pm Pop Evil started their set. They were greeted with loud cheers and immediately started with ‚Flawed‘. Their 13  piece set-list consisted mostly of songs from their current record ‘Onyx‘, the album they tour now for almost 2 years. They played all three #1 rock charts singles from that CD – Trenches, Deal with the Devil and Torn to pieces, that is, as known to most, a very personal song for the frontman Leigh Kakaty. But they also played a few tracks from their first two albums ‚War of Angels‘ and ‚Lipstick on the mirror‘. From start to finish it was an energetic set. Everyone in the band gave it their all for the German fans. Matt DiRito (bass) moving around the stage constantly, interacting with the audience, Chachi Riot (drums) switching often from a sitting position to a standing one, for me one of the most hardworking drummers on stage. They already have a solid fanbase here.

There were a few girls outside that I spoke to, that saw them up to 15 times and it’s only the second time the band ever played in Germany. First time was as opening act for Five Finger Death Punch and now those four headline dates in Germany. So the band brought along some real diehard fans they made in quite a short time in this country. Onyx was the first album for the band to be released in March 2014 in Germany, after they signed with Eleven Seven Music earlier that year. The show wasn’t sold out, but that didn’t stop everyone from having fun that night. Frontman Leigh Kakaty stated that it’s not important how many people are at the show, but what kind. And wasn’t he right about that. I attended many Munich shows and the people that were there that night made far more noice than sometimes thrice as many made at other shows. After the first ‚end‘ of the show, Leigh brought along a German flag the band got as a present at their Berlin show. They were seemingly proud of that one and Leigh even ‚wore‘ it for one song. They closed the show after 60 minutes that went by in a glance with one of their most popular songs ‚Trenches‘.

I hope they’ll come back soon to steady their fanbase and increase it, cuz they’re definitely deserve a lot of love.

Pop Evil will start working on a new album next year, after taking a well earned X-Mas break and spending some time with their families.

Contributed by Alexandra

Here is an interview with vocalist Leigh Kakaty and Alexandra before their set:

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