Rockers Greek Fire are on Top of The World with their song featured in Disney’s Big Heroes 6

Posted: November 7, 2014 in Alternative, Alternative Rock, Band, Entertainment, music, New Music
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When is the last time you heard a song that really left you with chills or a feel good feeling deep in your soul leaving you with butterflies in your stomach and hope in your heart? Well, I do because I remember the first time I heard Top of the World from Greek Fire, that is exactly how I felt.  It was amazing and still is every time I hear it. The song is on their Lost EP which was released earlier this year but it has been gaining in popularity as it is currently featured in Disney’s Big Heroes 6 film. Check out the song in the Disney trailer here:

I know my seven year old has been begging me to take him to see the movie and I can’t wait! I am so glad to see Greek Fire get the attention they so well deserve. The track not only soaring guitars, emotionally driven lyrics but a chorus that makes you feel invincible. Having the track picked up by Disney has not only put the spotlight on this great band, but the song is one that will lift the hearts of many. It is truly a beautiful song that bridges a connection to listener.

‘Formed in 2008, Greek Fire is most known for consisting of members from Story of the Year(Philip Sneed better known as “Moon” on vocals and Ryan Phillips on guitar) and Maybe Today,(Johnny Venus on drums and Mark Joseph Roth on bass).  In 2012, the band, their families and fans were devastated with their Johnny Venus’ leukemia diagnosis and thankfully he is currently in remission, making their current success that much sweeter for the team.’

Check out the official music video of the song from Greek Fire which I absolutely love, here:

‘This December, Greek Fire will play three shows with Story of the Year and The F!*K Off and Dies. The string of shows is appropriately titled, “Family Night” as all three bands feature members of Story of the Year. This is the first time all three bands have played together. ‘ Dates are listed below:

  • 12/3-  Columbia, MO – The Blue Note
  • 12/4- Chicago, IL- The Bottom Lounge
  • 12/5- St. Louis, MO- The Pageant

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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