Nevada Rose album announce dates for Down With The Sound Tour

Posted: November 6, 2014 in Band, Electronic, Entertainment, Metalcore, New Music, New Release, Tour
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nevada rose

Electronicore band, Nevada Rose are ready to take their new blend of hardcore and electronic dance music out on tour. They have just announced dates for their Down With the Sound Tour featuring support from Vanity Strikes and Curses. The tour will start on December 5th in Middleton, NY and wrap up in Elizabethton, TN on December 21st. Check the dates below and see if they will be making it out to a venue near you:


Earlier this year, Nevada Rose released their debut album, Paint Me In Light via Tragic Hero Records and was producec by Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Motionless in White).  Their new blend of electronicore take you from dance mix blends to deep heavy growl style metal so get ready to dance your ass off while headbanging! One thing is for sure, when you listen to it, you can’t escape the energy that begins to flow. Kaj Roth explains, “Mark my words, this band will shake your house. Expect to hear more about Nevada Rose on the web from now on because Paint me in light is just like an amusement park ride, breathtaking and entertaining. Imagine a rave party invaded by Hells Angels bikers and you´ll get this 11 track album.”  Check out their lyric video for Anchors For Sunsets:


Their new sound is as if someone kidnapped Skrillex (aka Sonny) and forced him to join Asking Alexandria….but you know what? This blend works great and maintains a seamless balance of electronic dance hooks amid heavy drums and yet delivering inviting harmonies and pop melodies. It is quite a musical gem and I think will definitely appeal to a wide audience, regardless of where your genre alliance may lie.

So make sure to pick up their album and get yourself to a show! Also be sure to visit their social media sites to stay up to date on their latest news. You will definitely be hearing a lot from this exciting new band, Nevada Rose.

~ Marisol

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