HERE IT IS! Ashestoangels release anticipated album album Horror Cult

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Today is the day for the release by Gothic Punk Rock band Ashestoangels of their album, Horror Cult. This album is amazing from start to finish. There is no better day to release this musical gem than Halloween. It is like all the ghosts and spirits are ready to rise from the dead and rock out in appreciation for this music. Beware, this album will definitely haunt you but in a GOOD WAY! I love it! Today they have released another video. This time for their song, Bury Us In Black. Crilly had this to say about the song, Bury Us In Black” is one of the most personal songs on the record; I wrote it at a real low point. When I wrote those words and those chords I didn’t know if anything I ever wrote was going to make it out in a song. But I guess it didn’t matter much, I had to get it on the page. Made me feel better. If anyone can find some kind of solace in my words then I guess it was all worth it. Check out the video here:

The next video to check out is for Run.  About the new video,  “We set out to just make a straight performance video for this song, but when we arrived at the location it just spiraled out of control. Before we knew it we were sharpening sickle and chasing the residents around the farm with an axe. As you do. Maybe we watch too many horror movies…:  .Check out the new video here:

In case you missed the first two videos, check them out below:

The first is Six Six Six and Crilly explains,  “It’s been a while since we’ve released anything new so we knew we had to deliver something intense. The song is like a prelude to the whole album, it’s frantic and energetic and the video is a visual representation of that. We didn’t want to distract with a storyline, just the four of us in a room letting the world know we are back and ready to take this thing to the next level.”  Check out the video here:

The next video is for Still Dead and Crilly had this to say about it, “A big part of what makes us Ashestoangels is the contrasts within our music. Still Dead is like a counterpoint to the heavier moments, a respite from the speed and aggression. Lyrically this song is very important to me and I think the change of pace lets the words take centre stage.” Check it out here:

I am completely loving these tracks and when you pick up the new album, you will be blown away but the rest. They definitely have a complete album with 10 varied songs that give a complete punk rock attitude wrapped in a goth vibe.  It doesn’t isolate itself by being boxed in to a particular genre so you will find a wide variety of fans appreciate this album. Make sure to check out the song, Living Hell which features William Control who also produced the album. Mary Jane Kelly and 666 are a couple of my faves and have the perfect anthemic punk styles and I swear they will have you infected with energy. I love the punk angst vocals in Heavy Words as it unleashes the contained rage! Still Dead brings a great mysterious alternative rock vibe alive and I love the basslines. There is not one track on there that I don’t absolutely love. This is they type of album that you will play from start to finish and find yourself with it on repeat.


Make sure to pick up Horror Cult available on iTunes and Amazon.  The band is planning on releasing a total of 10 videos from the new album so stay tuned. Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.   Ashestoangels will be playing tonight at The Arches in Conventry UK. What an amazing show that will be especially on the release night of this album. I bet the energy in the venue will be alive with music as well as spirits and ghosts.

~ Marisol

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