Finnish rockers Santa Cruz have released their new music video for Wasted ‘N’ Wounded

Posted: October 27, 2014 in '80s Rock, 80s, Band, Concerts, Interview, music, New Music, New Release, rock, Sunset Strip, Video
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santa cruz

Today is the day!!!! Santa Cruz rockers have released their highly anticipated music video for their new single, Wasted ‘N’ Wounded.  Check it out here and make sure to share it:

Last week we had a very special update, we chatted via Skype with vocalist/guitarist Archie Cruz of the Finnish rock band, Santa Cruz. This is one band that we have been listening to for a few years now. They are from Helsinki, Finland and have a sound that will take you right back to the Sunset Strip circa ‘1980s with the exception that the music is even more adrenaline filled and fuckin rocks hard!!! We spoke to Archie to talk about their recent announcement that they will be making their US debut at The Webster Hall in New York City on December 12th. We needed to find out more about this trip and hopefully beg for news of any California dates!!! Well, check out our chat below and see what is new and exciting with Santa Cruz:

One thing is for sure, whether you are reliving your love of ’80s rock or are of today’s youth and are looking for some REAL ROCK n ROLL, Santa Cruz is the answer for all your listening pleasure. They are pure ear porn with no guilt! Their songs have epic guitar solos, shredding fierce riffs, amazing liquidy bass, fast heart-beating drums, and vocals that will strip you clean of your clothes in no time. So get ready for a good time, and enjoy Santa Cruz.

You can visit their social media sites for their latest news. Also, be sure to stay tuned for another interview update in the coming weeks. If you have any questions for Santa Cruz, you can send them to and we just may feature them in our next interview!

~ Marisol

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