Munich Concert review – Asking Alexandria w. Secrets, Crown The Empire and The Ghost Inside

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Band, Concerts, music, Tour
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Concert review – Asking Alexandria w. Secrets, Crown The Empire and The Ghost Inside, Contributed by Alexandra

Munich, Tonhalle, October 17th, 2014

Shortly before doors opened at 6pm there was already a long queue around the corner that soon started moving. The show was sold out, so some people were on the lookout for tickets without any luck though it seems.

The first band, Secrets, entered the stage at exactly 7pm. It was their second time in Germany. They opened up and seemed to have an immediate impact on the audience. They later sold many CD’s in the merch booth which speaks for itself.

Second on were Crown The Empire. It was their first time in Germany and I’m pretty confident not their last. Their set started with the opening tunes of their latest album ‚The resistance‘. They played mostly songs from that album, like Machines, Bloodline and Initiation. For the song ‚Rise of the Runaways‘ Brian Escamilla, second man on vocals, also picked up a guitar. With three guitars on stage the sound was massive. As Andrew Velasquez told the audience it was their best gig so far on this tour, which makes us all hope for a comeback anytime soon. Their IG post after the show read ‚All we have to say is WOW…thank you for being so amazing tonight Munich, Germany! The rest of Europe has some competition‘.

Third act on the set-list was The Ghost Inside. Considering the cheers and the loud sing-alongs they were known to a large number of people in the audience. It was only their second time here, but they already had a steady fan-base. Everybody was properly warmed up for whom everyone was waiting for.

Between the sets, to shorten the wait, they played some Aerosmith, Guano Apes and Beasty Boys. When Europe‘s Final Countdown started playing the crowd started to chant along really loud. Many were surprised by that, but after a while they tuned the song up a few notches and the everyone kept singing along until the final tunes faded.

The stage was set for Asking Alexandria. Soon as the intro to ‚Don’t pray for me‘ sounded from the PA the crowd started cheering. Last on stage was Danny Worsnop, their singer. He had a German flag tied to his mic-stand which he carried around most of the show. The focus of the set-list sure was on their recent album ‚From death to destiny‘, which is also the name of this tour, but they played some songs of their former CD’s too, like ‚To the stage‘, ‚Someone, somewhere‘, ‚A prophecy‘ and ‚Not the American average‘. At about half time of the show, they left the stage for antoher intro-like track, which is more a spoken piece, called ‚Dedication‘. All songs were well received by the crowd. They couldn’t have chosen better ones. Whilst the show Dany thanked the crowd for buying their records, cuz like he said, their fans seem to still buy physical copies instead of downloading songs from the internet, which gets pretty rare. Like Andrew he said that it was one of the best shows so far, which he also stated on his IG/Twitter ‚Absolutely in love with the show tonight here in Munich. Every second was just pure gold. Love y’all…‘. After about 60 minutes they closed the set with The Final Episode. When first protests started to be heard, Danny said they’d be back. The audience thankfully didn’t have to wait too long for that. They played three encores Killing You, The Death Of Me and Poison.

All three opening acts were at the merch booth afterwards to take pictures, sign stuff, sell their merch and chat with the people.

My résumé: A fun evening for audience and bands…one more song please!!

Contributed by Alexandra



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