Concert Review:Escape The Fate w. New Years Day and Glamour Of The Kill at STROM, Munich

Posted: October 14, 2014 in Band, Concerts, music
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Concert Review

Escape The Fate w. New Years Day and Glamour Of The Kill at STROM, Munich

Contributed by Alexandra –  Twitter;

Doors opened right on time at 8.30 pm, which is unusually late for a show. The start was announced for 9.30 pm, but already at 9 pm New Years Day started playing. It was their first time in Germany, as singer Ash Costella told, but they were not completely unknown to part of the audience that sang along their songs.

Next up were Glamour Of The Kill from the UK. It’s been their second time in Germany. Last time they came here, they opened up for Papa Roach. Jacoby Shaddix, the singer of Papa Roach, makes an appearance on GOTK’s new single Out of Control which they also played that night, along with well known songs like Second Chance and Freak Like Me. They had to fight with some technical difficulties during their set, but they managed to keep the crowd going, asking for someone to bring 4 Tequilas to the stage, to which two people from the audience happily obliged. They played an energetic set. It was fun watching them and they promised to come back in 2015. Considering how the crowd responded, they’ll sure have no problems to fill small clubs with their own fans.


It was already about 11 pm when Escape The Fate started their set. With every band that evening the crowd got tighter and with the opening tunes of Chose Your Fate you felt the tension rise. It was only a really small club that was filled up, but not sold out. The atmosphere was great. There were circle pits and they even managed a wall of death. The audience knew every word of every single song. They played most of their popular songs like One For the Money, Issues, Ungrateful, Until We Die and also two slower songs Picture Perfect and Something. The set-list was a mix through all of their records, with a focus on Ungrateful though.  It was a fast, well played set. Band and audience obviously had fun, but after about 60 minutes it was over.  By midnight most people were already on their way home, some stayed to talk to the bands that invited the audience to stay and chat.

All in all it was a good show, a bit of a shorter set but nevertheless a fun evening.

Check out a slideshow of photos from the set:

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~ Contributed by Alexandra –  Twitter;

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