DONORA release new song, Always Gonna Be off upcoming album, Ha Ha Heart

Posted: October 8, 2014 in Band, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, music, New Music, New Release, Pop, rock
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DONORA is an indie pop/rock trio are set to release their album, Ha Ha Heart on December 9th on Rostrum Records. The first single of the album is a truly upbeat pop gem, Always Gonna Be and is newly released. Check it out here:


I love this new track as it completely embodies the fun spirited energy of  the brother/sister team, Casey and Jack Hanner.  “We didn’t grow up listening to a lot of the same music,” explains Casey, “but when we started writing together, we realized that we approached creating music in the same way.” The brother sister duo also quickly realized that their shared upbringing could translate to solid pop tunes. Their bassits, Jake Churton was added when a keyboardist they had hired couldn’t make it to practice,   “One day the guy we hired to play keyboard couldn’t make it to practice,” remembers Jake H, “So Jake C started playing the lead keyboard lick with his bass. Casey and I just looked at each other and both knew we had found our third member.” 

Donora‘s third full-length release on Rostrum Records is titled “Ha Ha Heart“. As the band puts it, this album is about letting go of everything that is holding you back; it’s about celebrating who you are. Casey explains, “We wanted to be as honest as we could be with this album. From the creative process, to the music itself, to the artwork… This is us.

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

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