Coverage of Burn Halo at Aftershock Festival 2014

Posted: October 5, 2014 in Aftershock Festival, Band, Concerts, Festival, Hard Rock, music, rock
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Burn Halo are working on releasing their new album later this year. The album is definitely heavier and it is going to be INSANE! It has a strong deep 18 Visions influence….. Heavy! Heavy! Heavy!  It is solid and intense on all levels. They have been getting a lot of praise for their first single, Wolves of War.  “The song ‘Wolves of War’ is a statement of aggression and angst towards all that have never given us a chance. This is our answer to the naysayers. With a foot upon your throat, we will be heard,” says Burn Halo vocalist James Hart. “Our label and management felt confident enough after hearing early demos that they pretty much left us alone during the recording process allowing us to make the record we envisioned, with no compromises and no regrets. This album is that vision.”

Band Members:

  • James Hart – Vocals
  • Joey Roxx – Guitar
  • Ryan Frost – Guitar
  • Johnny Badbones – Drums
  • Chris Bishop – Bass

Check out our photos from Rockin Ryan of Burn Halo at Aftershock Festival.

They completely took over the crowd and dominated that festival during their set. Joey Roxx had a broken leg but you wouldn’t have known because he continued to treat the crowd to his bad ass guitar playing. James was jumping around and channeling his 18 Visions stage presence and brought up the level of intensity. I think the band displayed a tight lineup and felt that this was one of their best shows. We can’t wait to see them again and even more excited for the new album!

Current Music:  Up From the Ashes – available on iTunes here:  New album set to release later this year.

Song to Check out: I Won’t Back Down and Alone are both available on Up From the Ashes and great songs to check out!

Video: Wolves of War 

~ Crank it up loud, Marisol

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