Ben Jaimen on his debut in the US, world music and giving back. By Patrick O’Heffernan

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Ben Jaimen,  Sylvester 2011

Ben Jaimen slides into the back both seat of an out of the way table at the Sofitel Hotel In Beverly Hills.  He has just finished a 4-song set introducing his debut EP, Through the Universe, to a US audience.  Jaimen is big in Europe, especially in his native Germany where he has sung before a million people at the Brandenburg Gate.  But tonight he was entertaining a modest crowd, shrunk slightly because of the closure of one of LA’s most important freeways. Nevertheless, with luminaries like Marla Maples and the German Deputy Counsel General sampling sliders and Jaimen song-named drinks, it was a good beginning for this handsome, humble and very, very talented 27-year old..

Ben Jaimen with German Deputy Counsel General

Ben Jaimen with German Deputy Counsel General

Jaimen was  sporting a fashionable 5 o’clock shadow, red pants, a peace symbol t-shirt and a heavy studded leather jacket, despite a warm evening approaching 70 degrees as he settled in and opened a bottle of water.  But he didn’t stay settled for long, as a constant stream of pretty girls, well-wishers, and new fans dropped by, still tingling from singing oh-ohoh-oh with him on his European hit, “Satellite”.  But between autographs, hugs with fans, and hellos from other artists he talked seriously about his entry in the US market, his music and where he is in his life.

Patrick. Ben, you have written a recorded dozens of songs.  You came into the studio with over 40 songs ready to go, but you chose not to do the usual 12 -15 song album, but a sampler EP with only 6 songs.  Why?

Jaimen. This is really just an introduction to show the American audience who I am, and frankly, hopefully, to leave them a little hungry for more.  And because this is my debut and you only get one first time, every song had to be special.


Patrick.  So what is special about these 6 songs, special in  the context not only of the EP, but in the context of your life and where you are now.

Jaimen.  I love explaining and interpreting different cultures because I have lived in many cultures. One thing that is common to all cultures is celebrating life, and that is what the EP does – it is about joy and celebration of life.  I also celebrate life because of family and that is there too.  Family is always a reason to celebrate and I have family spread all over the world. So it all comes together.

Patrick. Why did you study music in Israel instead of one of the music capitals like London or New York, or LA or Nashville?

Jaimen.  We have family and a second home in Israel,  so there was a great family connection there.  I actually went to learn the language and ended up learning music as well.

Patrick.  Has the music in the different cultures you have lived in influence your music today.

Jaimen.  Yes,  although it is subtle, it is there.  My music is what it is because of the many kinds of music I have heard and learned from in different countries.

Patrick.  Is your music a kind of world music in some way?

Jaimen.  Well it is all about me and I am a citizen of the world, so yes.  The songs are all personal. I actually wrote one song on top of a mountain in Argentina.


Patrick. You have a strong element of social action in your life.  Can you tell us about it?

Jaimen.  I understand that I have opportunities not everyone has and I want to give back to society.  This is important.  One way I give back is teaching music to poor children – some of whom are disabled – in Argentina.  I also work  with a charitable project in Germany.  I will always give back.

Patrick. Do the children teach you anything?

Jaimen.  Oh yes, they teach me to listen, how important it is to listen. And to be grateful.

Patrick.  What are you hoping from this US tour?

Jaimen. (laughing) A lot of new fans!  And I hope to get a USA label and an American manager.

 Patrick. Thank you.  Looking forward to continuing this conversation on the radio

Jaimen.  Me too.  Thank you!

Patrick O’Heffernan, Host Music FridayLive! radio


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