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Photo Credit: Courtney Pittman

The soulful rock band from Austin, Texas; Taylor & The Wild Now have recently released their debut EP last month.  The band was formed by Taylor Baker (guitar, vocals, banjo) and includes Drew Walker (guitar, trumpet). The Austin area greeted the release with praise and excitement, Taylor explains, “We are so incredibly proud of this EP; it encompasses such a beautiful collaboration of sound, ideas, and styles.  We put our all into it and we can’t wait to share it with the world!”

Check out our Q & A with Taylor here:

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Music Junkie Press: Thank you very much for taking the time out to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press! Tell us about how you two came together and created Taylor & The Wild Now?

Taylor: Hi!  We met through mutual friends during SXSW at a Local Natives concert. Drew would sit in with my band at the time and play trumpet, and it eventually turned into us creating our own project.

Music Junkie Press: We love Wanderlust and were happy to share the great song with everyone. Can you tell me more about the inspiration behind the song?

Taylor: Thank you, I’m glad you like it! I wrote it during a season in my life when I was really growing as a person and longing to figure out what direction my life was heading. It’s about finding your own way.

Music Junkie Press: The EP, which released on August 12th, really brings about a fusion of many sounds and styles and creates such a beautiful soundscape of music and is uplifting. Can you tell us more about the recording of the EP and was it an emotional process?

Taylor: It was such a fun experience! I would love to be in the studio all the time; it really stretches your mindset and view of the music. The whole process was really smooth. We worked with amazing musicians and had a fantastic engineer (Travis Kennedy), so we were in good hands.

Music Junkie Press: You recently performed in Austin,  Any show highlights you could share with us?

Taylor: We recently opened for our friends band, Tahoma, during their EP release show at Lamberts.  It was a blast. Grammy-nominated artist, Andrew Duhon, played as well.

Music Junkie Press: What are your upcoming shows you can tell us about?

Taylor: We have a show September 30th at Empire Control Empire, and we’re playing a festival in Ohio the second weekend in October. Other than that, we’re just trying to write new music and line up bigger shows with other artists.

Music Junkie Press: If Taylor & The Wild Now were to become a comic book, what would each of your superhero names and super powers be?

Taylor: I would be Blueberry Girl and my super power would be to put people under a spell when I sing.  Drew would be Banana Man and his super power would be to melt people with his trumpet.

Music Junkie Press: Your music truly brings emotion to life, do you have a particular song writing process?

Taylor: Not exactly. I rarely sit down and finish a song all at once. I like to write a little bit at a time and let it slowly evolve.

Music Junkie Press: What will you be working on next? We are hoping for a US Tour in support of the EP… California stop please!!

Taylor: We’re just writing a lot of new material at the moment, and trying to play more shows outside of Austin. I would love to play in Cali! Hopefully that will be soon.

Music Junkie Press: Here at Music Junkie Press, we are strong believers about how music can help, heal, inspire, etc. Can you share with us a particular time in which music was most there for you?

Taylor: I agree! Music is always there for me. If I’m going through something difficult I’ll just go in my room and write a song. It’s so therapeutic.

Music Junkie Press: How about your Go To song, what song do you put on to get yourself revved up and ready to go?

Taylor: That’s a good question! It changes a lot, but at the moment I’d say Ritual Union by Little Dragon or Out on the Street by Spanish Gold.

Music Junkie Press: If we could peak into your Ipod, what artist or song might we be most surprised at finding in there?

Taylor: Maybe Stone Free by Jimi Hendrix or Toxic by Britney Spears…don’t hate.

Music Junkie Press: Lastly, is there anything else that Taylor & The Wild Now would like to share with our audience and your fans?

Taylor: Hugs, not drugs. Chocolate is good for you. Happiness is a choice.  Also, be sure and check out our website for more information.

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Take a listen to their song, Wanderlust which has soaring vocals, a great melodic guitar solo, sweet guitar tracks and creates the perfect feel good vibe. Check out the track here:


You can pick up their self titled EP here on iTunes. Make sure to check out their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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