We Are Harlot made their live debut this summer at Rock on the Range and followed up with another kick ass set at Rocklahoma. They then arrived in Las Vegas for an amazing night performing at the Hard Rock Hotel with The Pretty Reckless. We have been waiting our turn to check out We are Harlot live and this past weekend, our Harlot cherry was popped at the Aftershock Festival. Aftershock was filled with a variety of awesome bands and we can’t wait to bring you all of our coverage, but first let’s start with our top highlight, We Are Harlot.

This is a band with years in the making and they have created such a buzz over the past year as everyone is anticipation of their debut album. Earlier this summer, they released their first single, DENIAL and the Harlot frenzy began. The downloads topped over 100,000 downloads in probably the first week, everyone was talking about, it hit the radio and you knew, that nothing could stop the We Are Harlot world domination of rock n roll.

We had the chance to chat with the band on Saturday at Aftershock and are pleased to bring you that interview here:

Their set was on Sunday and the temperature hit 109 degrees and nothing was going to stop these guys. Guitarist Jeff George had injured his leg the night before, and you wouldn’t have known it from him kicking ass on the stage, rocking out bad ass riffs on his custom ESP guitars. Danny on vocals, I might say, is right where he belongs with his killer powerful rock vocals. He definitely  has rock and roll running through his soul because it suits him perfectly. Brian was kicking out some mean backing vocals as he would criss cross the stage as he made magical bass lines from his Fender.  Bruno was spot on with his drumming and it sounded clean and crisp. There was even a huge mosh pit for their last song that could rival those from a typical Asking Alexandria show. The energy was non stop as these four guys are true rock n rollers who prove that Rock is not Dead! We Are Harlot will insure that Rock is alive and thriving! Check out some of Rockin Ryan’s photos from their set:

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So stay tuned and be a little more patient for new music from We Are Harlot. I can promise you, it will all be worth it! If you don’t already have it, pick up their new single or should I say, your favorite song, DENIAL here on  iTunes.

In case you missed our We Are Harlot coverage, check out our previous posts:

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol  

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