Bad Jones deliver a heavy dose of Rock n Roll recharge into the music scene

Posted: September 11, 2014 in Band, Blues, Concerts, Funk, Hard Rock, music, rock
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You might have heard from reading headlines like, Gene Simmons announces Rock Is Dead, or a dozen other people who are talking about the dwindling passion for rock n roll. I don’t buy it, I don’t believe it and with bands like Bad Jones, the flame of Rock N Roll will never be extinguished. Formerly known as Soul Pie, this Bay Area band are truly doing their part in bringing a strong resurgence into Rock infused with their blues and funk.

We caught Bad Jones performing last Saturday at The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma and their were incredible! Searing vocals, stellar blues riffs, hard and edgy melodic rock that will rewaken all your senses. Their energy is fierce as they really bring their powerful sound to the forefront. I love that they have keyboards which really brings such depth to their music, something that is often missing these days. It is infectious as you can feel their music traveling through your body and pulsing through your veins. Check out some of the photos by our Rockin Ryan of their set:

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Bad Jones is :

  • Jesse Ray Smith – vocals/guitar
  • Tommy Odetto – guitar
  • Tim Baker – bass
  • John Varn – keyboards
  • Teddy James Cox – Drums

Now that I have you hot and bothered for their rock n roll fix, make sure to catch them at their upcoming shows. This is one hard ass working band and they are always busy playing shows around the Bay Area or opening for big acts in the area. Be sure to visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news and upcoming shows. We will leave you with a couple videos from their set at the Phoenix. Also you can pick up their self titled EP on their website here:

~ Marisol

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