Interview with Josh of Shaman’s Harvest and get ready for their release of Smoking Hearts and Broken Guns

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We are just a week away from the highly anticipated new release, Smoking Hearts and Broken Guns by Shaman’s Harvest. This is one release that I have been so excited about since the album has 12 bad ass tracks that will take you on a ride of emotions through rock n roll. It isn’t often that you find a band come off a hiatus and not only make a statement that they are back, but really garner the attention to put that band center stage in the spotlight. That is exactly where Shaman’s Harvest belongs. The musicianship of the album is impressive from start to finish, these guys truly delivered a musical gem.

We had the opportunity to talk with Josh Hamler, rhythm guitarist and are pleased to bring that interview to you here:

* * * * *

Music Junkie Press: Thank you for taking the time out to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press. We are excited about the upcoming release of Smoking Hearts and Broken Guns in a couple weeks. I am sure you can’t wait to get the new music into everyone’s hands?

Josh: Oh ya, we are super excited about it all.

Music Junkie Press: With this album, you guys really have made the statement that Shaman’s Harvest is back and have definitely put you guys in the spotlight. Great album, start to finish. It truly brings truth back into music and the songs not only rock but carry a lot of emotion. How was the recording process for you guys, I know there were some difficult and hard times for you all with Nate’s diagnosis at the time. It must have been an emotional rollercoaster?

Josh: Oh ya, to say the least, you know. It was a tough time, it was a trying time, it was a time where we all kind of came together but you know, through it all, it helped us focus, not only on just making a record but making a great record. Giving us the emotional fuel to do it and it is kind of cool that it all worked out the way it did because it is all there; all the blood, sweat and tears and the heartache and the triumph, and the whole nine yards. It is all captured in those 12 songs.

Music Junkie Press: Definitely, you can feel all the passion in those songs. The song, Dangerous, the first single, it is like the rockin anthem for life, to get out there and live. Can you tell us more about that song?

Josh: Ya, you know, when we started writing that, we were kind of wanting to write a song that everytime you listened to it, driving down the road, you will probably end up getting a speeding ticket because it just makes you want to drive fast. And you know, it just, at that point in time when we were writing it, that was basically when Nate got his diagnosis and you know lots, lots of things trying to hold us down, hold us back, stop us from continuing on and in the end all of that struggle and that fight we had to, we had to endure, it made us better than we were before. Basically it is what the song is about, and everything that is trying to keep you down in life, this and that, don’t give up, you know, feed off of it, let it make you better.

Music Junkie Press: Another great track, In Chains brings out that Southern inspiration there! Can you tell me about that track?

Josh: Ya, that was the last track we recorded for the record and it kind of came out of nowhere and we just felt like, Gosh, we need to get this on the disc so, we went in and kind of explored with some slide guitar and some acoustic elements and come in big and huge on the choruses with the full electrics and what not. Just really like, a sense of power kind of, comes across and then all the guitar work in it, I am really pleased with, the solo at the end is pretty epic and we needed one more song on the record that you know, embodied that epicness that kind of stands the ground in its own right. It is definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album.

Music Junkie Press:  It is a great track. We understand you made it out to Sirius XM Octane, can you share a little about your experiences over there?

Josh: Oh ya, Sirius, Octane and the Sirius stations have been big supporters of ours throughout the years and we have a lot of respect for them, made some friendships along the way. We basically went in and recorded a three song acoustic set that they are gonna start airing here a week before the record comes out. Helping us promote Smoking Hearts and Broken Guns. We got to do a cool little interview with Jose Magnin and ran into Kayla again and they all said Hi, and it is pretty crazy while we were in the studios. Your kind of in a, the studio that we were in is kind of like a fishbowl, it was glass so everybody on the outside could kind of see who is in there doing what. It was pretty crazy, whenever you are in the middle of a track and you look outside and the Doobie Brothers is walking through or the guys from Five Finger Death Punch are walking by, and this is alright!

Music Junkie Press: That is awesome, we are going to be tuning in to hear it. On your new album, I know it is hard to pick favorites, being like your kids, but which song are you most looking forward to playing live?

Josh: Oh man, I mean Dangerous is a fun song to play live, it is upbeat, energetic, it is powerful. You know, one of my favorite tracks to do live is Blood On the Water, just with that hand clap, stomp, bombastic kind of feel, get swampy at the same time so it is always a fun crowd pleasing track, it feels good. But like you said, it is hard to pick a favorite, it seems like each day I have a new favorite and then I am back to the one, a week or two later I am back to the one I thought was my favorite from the week before. So it just kinds of bounces around and each song on the record, it kind of exudes a particular emotion or color. You know I guess it just depends on how you are feeling that day. Which one is actually touching you.

Music Junkie Press: That is exactly about your album that is interesting. It is a range of emotions and sometimes you hear an album and brings out the same emotion throughout but not with Smoking Hearts and Broken Guns. You guys bring out such a great variety of emotion and feelings and that is such a creative process that we should congratulate you guys on doing that. It comes out beautifully and whatever your mood is, you can pop on the right song to fit you.


Josh: Ya, exactly, that is what we wanted to do. We wanted to write a record that you would listen to front to back, not like you heard it all and you are done with it. You want to listen to it again, and it is something that it is not going to get old. I don’t know, that was kind of our goal and hopefully it comes across to all the listeners and you know, so far so good. We have gotten great response.

Music Junkie Press: It is definitely an album that you want to buy the full album. With the changes in the music industry where people buy a song here or there, this is definitely a full album that we would encourage them to buy the full album because so much is there. With all the changes in the music industry within the past 15 years, what is something that you would like to see change?

Josh: Well, you know, you kind of touched earlier about the honesty of it all. The music that is honest and touches people and music that isn’t so cookie cutter, that is kind of what we like, that is kind of our goal is to be a band that is not cookie cutter and you know, we look writing songs that anyone can relate to. Just because you feel the songs mean something to you and I equally feel it means something completely different to me, but we are both 100% right. Songs that kind of transcend everything, and that really can relate to you individually. Some of the lyrics and stuff, I mean ya, they are to the point, but they are vague enough to where they can relate to pretty much any walk of life, you know, any day and time, and that was kind of the goal.

Music Junkie Press:  That is so well said. Are you guys currently working on any videos and if so, which song?

Josh: Yes, Friday we are shooting the Dangerous video. We are also in the process of starting the preproduction on trying to come up with some treatment for In Chains. And you know it is kind of just a rollercoaster at the moment, we are just trying to get all systems go, get all the cylinders fired here and we got a great team here with Mascot Label Group, so we are just really excited to get out on the road and share our music and continue living this dream that we got going on.

Music Junkie Press: That is great, we can’t wait for the videos. Now are you planning any tours soon?

Josh: Yes, we are actually in New York right now and we are having a meeting tonight with trying to get some things solidified. In the short term, we are going to be doing a few two, three or four day runs with Theory of a Deadman and a few other bands, playing some House of Blues shows throughout the country. It is just, the ball is just now getting rolling, the train is picking up steam, so to speak, so we will just ride it out and enjoy it while we can.

Music Junkie Press: Definitely excited and hoping for a California show soon!

Josh: Cali is definitely on the list.

Music Junkie Press: We know things are going to get really busy soon with the release and we will be excited for the tour. Lastly, what would you like to share with our audience and your fans?

Josh: You know, thanks for bearing with us over the last few years of hiatus, I mean, we had some success with Dragonfly, you know four years ago and you know, it is not every day that a band can kind of disappear for a little bit and then show back up and then you know, being taken seriously or even people wanting, wanting to take the time to check it out. So, just thank you to all the fans and all the people out there who support us and give us inspiration because you know, that is where a lot our fire comes from, it is from average Joes all over the world.

Music Junkie Press: That is awesome, thank you and we will be sharing all the links with everyone and remind them to pick up Smoking Hearts and Broken Guns on the 16th. We look forward to seeing you guys out on the road.

Josh: That is great. I look forward to it too.

* * * * *

Smoking Hearts and Broken Guns is set to release on September 16th through the Mascot Records and to check out the following video where they talk about the new record:

Make sure to pick it up and also visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news. Current upcoming shows:

Sep 11 Aftershock Merriam, KS
Sep 12 Shamrock’s Pub and Grillw/ Save The Hero, A… Omaha, NE
Sep 20 House of Bluesw/ Theory of a Dead… Dallas, TX
Sep 21 House of Bluesw/ Theory of a Deadman Houston, TX
Oct 18 Ramada Oasis Convention Center Springfield, MO

Also, they are having an Album Release Show on September 19th at Blueberry’s Hills Duck Room in St. Louis, MO. Visit their Facebook page for more details.

~ Marisol

Information & Links:

Pre-order Smoking Hearts & Broken Guns:
PledgeMusic –
Best Buy –
Mascot Label Group –


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