Breakaway Patriot will capture your attention with their new EP Hiraeth

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Band, music, New Music, New Release, Review, rock, Video
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Breakaway Patriot from San Francisco featuring Brad Tyner, Tyler Gomez and Michael Miller are set to grab your attention. Most recently we featured Breakaway Patriot as they released their emotionally driven and well produced music video for their song, The Homecoming. It is an amazing video that brings attention to all the heroes and warriors who return home from serving their nation, only to return and never be the same. It is a great tribute to all Veterans and is so deserving of your attention.

The Homecoming is off their EP Hiraeth which was released earlier this year, music was recorded and engineered by Matt Taylor of Castro Valley. In addition, Vocals, Mixing and Mastering was by Josh Cobb of Rockbot Studios in Jacksonville, FL. Hiraeth contains six songs yet packs a full album of emotions and feelings in this well produced EP.

It starts right off with the powerful guitar intro of Indestructible and is a great rock song with an alternative edge. This is definitely one of my favorite tracks that you can just crank up loud. It holds the right heaviness without being overdone. Hiraeth has a beautiful ethereal intro that truly brings the feeling of flying as you are soaring through emotions. The vocals are captivating, all the while, creating a hint of vulnerability. It has this 30 Seconds to Mars vibe that I love, yet in no way imitates.

Submissions is one powerful track, and you can feel the emotion and weight of battling an addiction. We all have our demons and this song truly captures that moment when you finally raise your hands up and face the demons that challenge you. It contains a great introspection as one teeters on the edge, grasping for that control, feeling alone but realizing that it all lies in their own hands and were never alone.  Absolutely beautiful and very well done.

Righteous Minds highlights passionate vocals amid soul searching and a reflection of faith. The acoustic guitar brings out the raw emotion through the stripped down music. Next is Homecoming and with its cinematic style, definitely tells a tale of the conflict and aftermath a soldier has after returning home. It captures so much emotion and the song itself is a musical gem.

The final song is Edson and is a song of heartbreak and loss and yet how we can overcome it. This song is probably the most emotional song for me and there is one line in there, “Waiting… Until I see You again” which hit me hard because that is something my father said to me just almost three years ago as I stayed by his side for his final days before losing his quick battle with cancer.

Music that makes a connection and draws out such emotion is music to my ears. It is when a person can listen to a song and regardless of what is the story behind the song, they make their own true connection, that is a sign of great music. Now it is your turn to pick up the EP, Hiraeth and make your own connections.

Hiraeth is available here on iTunes and make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news and show announcements. Check out some photos that our Rockin Ryan took at their most recent show at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma.

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~ Marisol

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