Indie Rockers Fever Fever will captivate you with their new song, Hypnotized

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Band, Indie Rock, music, New Music, New Release
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Fever Fever from Columbus, Ohio are ready to capture your attention with their new song, Hypnotized. The song can be found on their upcoming album, Aftermath which is scheduled for a September 16th release through their recently signed label, Slospeak Records. Check out the new track here:


The song has a great tempo amid compelling yet vulnerable vocals that glide you through the catchy melody. It is a delicious track that will be dancing in your head afterwords as you will find yourself humming to it after.Fever Fever are successfully creating songs that connect the listener and soon become the soundtrack of their life. Check out the track listing from the album:

Track Listing:   

  1. Aftermath
  2. Blue
  3. Hypnotized
  4. Sea Meets Earth
  5. Windward
  6. Fingertips
  7. Hope is a Child’s Toy
  8. Beautiful Dream
  9. Madness
  10. Line in the Sand
  11. Inceptiones Novae
  12. Collapse 

You can pre-order Aftermath on iTunes here. Fever Fever will be holding an album release party on October 5th at Skully’s Music Diner in Columbus, OH and also have an upcoming show on August 31st at Three Legged Mare (FMMF After Party) in Columbus, OH.

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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