Check out the lyric video for Headphones (feat. LOLO) by Matt Nathanson

Posted: August 20, 2014 in music, New Music, New Release, Video
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Sometimes when life seems to be getting the best of me or the rush of the world around me is deafening, I need to retreat. When I do, I almost always turn to music which soothes my soul, comforts me and gives me hope. The sheer act of placing my headphones on and I can slip into a new world and enjoy the journey that the music has waiting for me. Matt Nathanson‘s song Headphones (featuring LOLO) truly captures this moment for me.

If anybody comes around to find me,
If anybody ask for me, she said
Tell ’em all I’m in the deep and singing
If it’s music in my head
Ain’t too proud to swim to drown my baby
Ain’t too proud to sink all see it through

She say everybody wants to be with me,
I feel invincible, my headphones on

Check out the lyric video for it here:

You can pick up the new single by heading over to iTunes or Amazon. It is a great track that I really love. Matt has currently been touring and tomorrow night his show in Cleveland, OH will be streamed live on Yahoo Screen at 9:10pm EST. So make sure to check it out here:

~ Enjoy, Marisol

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