The Killing Lights release new video for Lies Spread Like Fire

Posted: August 14, 2014 in Bands, Entertainment, Metal, music, New Music, New Release, rock
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Photo Credit: Chad Michael Ward

Photo Credit: Chad Michael Ward

It is time to check out a  new video from The Killing Lights. As we told you last year, The Killing Lights is the new chapter for music by Michael Vampire. They released a new video for Lies Spread Like Fire that is awesome.  “I am beyond excited to finally release the ‘Lies Spread Like Fire’ video,” said Michael. “We all fight our own demons from time to time, and this is about standing up after the fight. We wanted to keep it as raw as possible, which I feel we achieved using L.A. street culture as the main storyline and aesthetic. This video is for all the fans and people that have stuck with me this past year. Together we will change everything.”

Check out the new video, Lies Spread Like Fire

The Killing Lights have recorded a self-produced, self-titled five-song EP which they plan to initially release for FREE to fans in September. They will play their first shows on September 20th at the Sunset Music Festival in L.A. and October 4th in Anaheim, then plan to tour constantly through the end of the year with an eye on releasing a full-length album in 2015.

We will continue to keep updated on future The Killing Lights news but also make sure and follow/like them on their social media sites.

~ Marisol

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