BAND TO KNOW: Circleswitch for some modern hard rock with a punch

Posted: August 5, 2014 in Band, Concerts, Hard Rock, Metal, music, New Music, rock
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Today we put the spotlight on the hard working modern rock band from Milwaukee that is known as Circleswitch. These four guys are not a new band but it is time that everyone knows about them. They are like a hidden rock gem that I have recently discovered and now I want to share the great treasure with you.

Circleswitch is:

  • Kenny James -Vocals
  • Danny Rodic -guitars, back up vocals
  • Johnny RockIt Wahlen – Bass
  • Eddie Gunz -Drums

Their sound can be described as modern rock with a side of metal and old school rock. The bring a fresh new sound to melodic hard rock by creating their own unique style and not falling in to the patterns of the genre lines of today. They are straight up rock n roll with fierce guitars, crunchy basslines, precision drumming and vocals that are straight up powerful with a gravelly grunge attitude! Check out a couple of their music videos here, watch them in order so you can see the story of Butch unfold.



Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. I am hoping they make it out to California soon, we need some Circleswitch. If you happen to be in the Milwaukee area, I hope you get yourself to their upcoming show on September 27th in Cudahy, WI at the The Metal Grill. They will be playing with another of our favorite bands, The Last Vegas.

~ Marisol

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