Jasmine Cain is delivering ‘Rock and Roll for the Gyspy Soul’

Posted: August 3, 2014 in Band, Hard Rock, music, New Music, New Release, rock, Video
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Jasmine Cain and her band of rebel rockers are bringing rock and roll to the gypsy soul. This high energy rock band features Jasmine Cain as songwriter, lead vocalist and bassist and she is ready to take over the music scene with her powerful vocals and soulful gypsy style. Her name is widely known in the motorcycle culture as her band has headlined Easyrider events for three consecutive years and her long list of festivals performances includes Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Radio Bold Music Festival, Bike Weeks in Daytona, Laconia, Las Vegas and Arizona as well as main act for Full Throttle Saloon (which became a TruTV series).

The Epiphone

Her bold and powerful vocals have been capturing everyone’s attention and once you take a listen, you will join in and fall in love her. They have recently released a music video for their song, Nightingale which has a really awesome chorus and completely ROCKS! Check it out here:

She has strong songwriting skills that easily connect the listener emotionally. Some of my favorite lyrics from the song are:

I can never believe in fairy tales and wishing wells
I hear only the sound of betrayal sang the Nightingale
Poisoned by a magic potion
Empty vile of devotion
Wrapped up in vines
Underneath a veil of my own visions

It is great to see such passion into rock music, songs that not only will rock your world but will feed your soul. With emotionally driven lyrics that invite your senses to awaken and create a stir within; the true magic of music and Jasmine Cain succeeds in achieving this! Another song which displays this is the soulful rockin track, Highway Prophet and it has a sweet guitar solo as well.

You can pick up Jasmine’s music on the Facebook page here or website store here: http://jasminecain.com/shop/ where you will also find other great Jasmine Cain merchandise. Make sure to visit the social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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