Rock and Rebel Tour Review by Meryl DeWitt

Posted: July 27, 2014 in Band, Concerts, music, Review
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Rock & Rebel Tour Review 

This summer Farewell, My Love and Jamie’s Elsewhere ban together, along with many other bands, to bring us another phenomenal tour. These crazy boys set out to do over fifty dates in under three months! Now if that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is!

I was lucky enough to catch them towards the start of the tour down in Burnsville, Minnesota at The Garage. To anyone in the area, I definitely recommend this venue if you’re looking for an intimate show with a good atmosphere and friendly folks.

The concert opened with local band, In Light of Us, rocking the house. Though the band has yet to gain much traction, they are very talented and deserve some recognition. They created a great energy in the room for lionfight to follow up with a theatrical, bone chilling performance.

lionfight and fellow co-opener Incredible’ Me both bring screaming to the table, but what lionfight lacks in softer vocals, they make up for with aesthetics. With a lead singer sporting white-out contacts and a torn up shirt, plus a guitarist that made many girls scream by rolling his eyes in the back of his head, their act is vaguely reminiscent of Rob Zombie’s horror movie worthy performances. However, they bring a much more modern sound.

As far as Incredible’ Me goes, I could honestly tell you I have no way of classifying this unordinary band. Their unique sound consists of pop punk mixed with screamo. That’s something you don’t find everyday! I can promise, as weird as it may sound, the band rocks this mix. They’ve also got something else you don’t see every day; a female guitarist! Yes, folks, that’s right! Hayley Williams isn’t the only chick that knows how to rock. Coming from the mouth of a female myself, I can tell you it’s a very empowering feeling to see a woman on stage, headbanging next to a bunch of guys! Incredible’ Me has a great sound, awesome line-up, and overall inspiring message.

After a great set of opening bands, Jamie’s Elsewhere came out and shook the walls! Literally, the walls shook as they blasted the speakers! These guys know how to jam, and so do the fans. Jamie’s Elsewhere manages what many screamo bands tend to lack; balance. Many lead singers these days choose to just scream through a song, but Jamie’s Elsewhere brings a perfect balance between singing and screaming. Their sound is one that travels through the mind and causes an uproar with fans.

The night was closed off with the guys everyone came for; Farewell, My Love! Being the first time I’ve seen the band live, I was absolutely blown away by the energy they carry. Much like many bands emerging in rock recently, they works hard to bring back the showmanship of the ’80s. With Mötley Crüe-esc stage outfits (handmade by Brent Ashley of Arrogant Armor) and a guitarist rockin’ Sebastian Bach’s hair, it’s easy to see the influence of glam rock in Farewell, My Love.

Don’t be fooled though! They aren’t another group of Poison wanna-be’s. Farewell, My Love has a beautiful sound of modern rock and, I’d even bargain to say, a little modern vaudeville. Much like Panic! At The Disco, they incorporate a very vibrate theater sound, along with a positive message and vibe reminiscent of My Chemical Romance.

If you ask me, I believe these guys will be the next MCR. Guitarists Logan Thayer and Röbby Creasey shred and rock out on stage like nothing I’ve ever seen. Along with skilled bassist Charlee Conley, they play until their fingers bleed, all for their passion! In all the chaos, drummer Chad Kowal manages to keep the beat and sing backup vocals with an amazing voice. The cherry on top is frontman Ryan Howell wowing a crowd with his incomparable and untouchable voice. Putting these five together creates a powerhouse of talent that reels in extremely loving and devoted fans.

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It all goes past the music though. Both during the show and afterwards, they make efforts to meet and interact with all their fans. As someone who has only briefly spoken to the band a few times on social media, I was amazed they recognized my face. After having full conversations with them and watching them interact with fans, they proved to me that amongst thousands of followers, they care about each and every one.

That is what you call good, wholesome people! If only all bands could learn that passion for the music and fans goes a long way. Farewell, My Love, along with Jamie’s Elsewhere, lionfight, and Incredible Me’ certainly know this! If you’d like to support wholehearted, dedicated people, and watch a fantastic rock show, I suggest catching these bands next time they hit your town!

By Meryl DeWitt, Guest Contributor

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Farewell, My Love

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