Pick up the new EP Sixer by punk rockers, Moovalya

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Alternative Rock, Bands, Concerts, Entertainment, New Music, New Release, Punk, Punk Rock
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Old school punk rock has been given the revived and thriving with the band, Moovalya from Phoenix, Arizona. Moovalya has been delivering solid punk rock music on the Phoenix scene since 2009. This three piece band shows you how much they love to perform as they played as many shows as they could. With that, they brought their energy to the stage and leave everyone wanting to see them again and again.

Moovalya has Benjamin Jones  on Guitar/Vocals, Sean Stroud on Bass/Vocals and Mitch Hosier on Drums. Their sound is a blend of alternative, punk, and rock and there is no denying that their sound is contagious. They have just released their new six song EP, Sixer and it is perfect to add for your summer fun.

The songs are complete with punk angst filled energy and fueled with fierce guitars and drums. The vocals are true to fashion punk but yet bring a bit of melodic style to the music which fits perfectly well. Cheated has a great punk anthem vibe and Streetlight Streetlife has a catchy punk patriotic vibe. Hail to the Hearts has some bad ass guitar work and I love the vocals on this one! Check out one of my favorite tracks off the EP, Six Feet Down:


These guys have the passion and the drive to keep punk rock alive. So make sure to pick up their new EP and visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on all their latest news.

~ Marisol


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