Let the music of Allen Cruz and The Galaxy put a smile in your heart!

Posted: June 23, 2014 in Band, Entertainment, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Jazz, music, New Music, New Release, Review, rock
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Photo Credit: Matt Zack Photography & Design

Photo Credit: Matt Zack Photography & Design

Sometimes you have one of those days, weeks or even months where you feel a bit overwhelmed and that was me last week! Music has always been my medicine, my drug, my answer to my questions. This past weekend, the music that helped me get out of my “funk” was the new catchy tunes by Allen Cruz & The Galaxy. Allen Cruz & The Galaxy is Allen Cruz on Vocals & Guitar, Josh Huddleston on Guitar & Vocals, Paul Merendino on Drums & Vocals, Brian Crace on Bass & Vocals. Together they have created a unique style of music which can be referred to as Jazzy Pop Rock.


One thing is for sure, when I first put on their new EP I instantly smiled and knew that their music was my mood elevator. They could market their music as the new anti-depressant! No Pills needed! Just plug in and listen and let their songs take you on a musical journey to feed your soul with upbeat catchy tunes. They remind me of a mix of early Barenaked Ladies and Bruno Mars.

Allen Cruz & The Galaxy are set to release their new EP, Talk About the Moon and is going to be a must have for you. The first track Hugs N Kisses had such a nostalgic 50’s style intro that really captured their energy and resonates an upbeat jazz style. The  next track Mirrors is probably one of my favorite songs. The vocals are mysterious yet commanding and has some really nice jazzy soulful drums and a sweet guitar solo creating a Latin sensual vibe.

You will then enjoy the fun and flirty song of Strawberry Pie which is a playful tune. Cancer has soaring vocals reminiscent of Bruno Mars style. It is a very powerful song that creates such an impact and is another one of my strong favorites. I love how this band brings a variety of influences into their music without imitating. They truly have created their own unique style. Chewing Words has the perfect intro to pick yourself up. It is the perfect fun inspiring song for your new Go To song. I love the emotionally driven lyrics that are present in every track. Little Red is a romantic love song done the Allen Cruz & The Galaxy way. It paints such a beautiful picture and I love when a songwriter can create such passion through their words and create such a connection with the listener.

The EP comes out on July 5th and I hope you get a chance to pick it up. There will be a CD Release Show in Akron, Ohio at MUSICA. You can get more details by visiting their Facebook page or Website.  Make sure to also visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news. We will see if we can bring you an interview as well.

~ Marisol

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