Icon For Hire was one of the highlights of our Warped Tour Coverage

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This year Vans Warped Tour had many great bands on several stages. It truly became hard to choose where to go and who to check out. What is great is that we still have another full day of Warped Tour to check out all the bands we did miss. Saturday was the perfect day for Warped Tour, hot but not extremely blazing as it has been in the past. There were lines that went to the back of the parking lot as early as 9:30. Nobody wanted to miss out on catching all the great bands.

There is one band that I have to tell you about. After running around from the main stages to the amphitheatre stages, I found myself at the Hard Rock Kevin Says Stage at 6:30. I was there just in time for the 6:35 start of Icon For Hire which I didn’t know anything about (I know, shame on me, shake your finger at me and tell me that it was very bad that I hadn’t heard of them before!!). The great thing about Warped Tour is that you are exposed to bands you know and many you don’t, you just might end up finding your new favorite band on that day. So as I stood there waiting for their start and take the stage, I was completely ready to find something new to enjoy. Little did I know, I would be faced with my new favorite band and the highlight of the entire day.

Icon For Hire is:

  • Ariel – Vocals
  • Shawn Jump – Guitar
  • Adam Kronshagen – Drums
  • Josh Kincheloe – Bassist

From the second the band made their entrance on stage, I just knew I was the right place to be for an incredible set. The first song they played highlighted Ariel’s rapping skills and she was on spot throughout! Shawn is a madman guitarist and just engages the crowd. He really revs them up and they just feed off his energy. Adam is fierce with his drumming and puts such a rage into his playing, you are drawn to watching him. Josh kills it as he is laying down his deep basslines. Front and center is Ariel who is a Rock Rap Goddess. She has a magnetic personality and maintains a strong connection to the crowd.

Their unique style blends influences from rock, pop, rap, metal, electronic, even some punk. What they have created, is the perfect fusion of these styles that creates depth to their music and raises the intensity. Ariel’s crisp vocals take you through many layers and she can switch from passionate to mysterious or from aggressive to vulnerable at the drop of a hat. This band literally kidnaps you with their music and for that moment, you are under their spell. It is definitely the place to be and you don’t want it to end.

It was fantastic, and right after they finished, I was already comforting myself with the reminder that I get to see them again this Thursday June 26th at the Wheatland date for Warped Tour. If you are heading out to Warped Tour this year, make sure to check the schedules upon your arrival and don’t miss Icon For Hire! You can also head over to their tent and pick up some of the cool Icon For Hire merch and catch the meet and greet.  Here are our photos by Rockin Ryan from their Saturday Warped Tour set:

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You can pick up their self titled album by heading over to iTunes here.  Check the upcoming tour dates below and get yourself to a show. Also,  be sure to visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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