The Relapse Symphony new single We Are The Broken is OUT NOW and preorder “Shadows”

Posted: May 27, 2014 in Band, Entertainment, Interview, music, New Music, New Release, Review, rock
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The Relapse Symphony from Washington, DC are set to release their debut LP Shadows on July 8th via Standby Records. The highly anticipated album will show the progression of the band since their release of their 2013 EP, Time’s Running Out. Guitarist JC Charles explains, “When we recorded our EP we were still in the infancy of our band. We were still experimenting and finding ourselves as musicians, and as people. We all went through some of the toughest times of our lives during the making of this album, and we came out on the other side with something we are all extremely proud of. This record is something we know our fans are going to get a lot out of, and hopefully will make us some new fans along the way.”

Today is the day that their new single We Are The Broken is released. You can pick it up here on iTunes. It is so unbelievably awesome. It is the perfect youth anthem for today, with a catchy chorus, infectious upbeat tempo, and compelling vocals. It really just gives you a taste of what this amazing new album brings.


We had the chance to chat with vocalist, Bret Von Dehl about the new album  and are pleased to repost it here for you:


You can get your pre-order in now for Shadows while you pick up the new single. This is one album you are going to really love and will have on replay for quite a long while! We will see if we can get our full album review posted for you soon. It really is a spectacular album that I think may be taking home one of our top three spots for Best Album of 2014!  This one will be a hard one to beat. Make sure to visit their social media sites to stay updated and mark your calendars for July 8th!


~ Marisol

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