An In-Depth Interview with producer/multi-instrumentalist John Kendall Royston

Posted: May 24, 2014 in Alternative, Americana, Band, Country, Entertainment, Interview, music, Singer, Songwriter
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In today’s age of music, a producer has to wear many hats and be able to not only oversee and manage an artist’s recording, but they have to be musicians themselves and delve completely into the project. The most important aspect of the producer is to take the artist’s vision and do everything possible to make that vision a reality through their music and recording.

We had the opportunity to talk an amazing producer, John Kendall Royston of Echodog Productions. Echodog Productions provide a full service creative and commercial audio production, mixing, songwriting, and voiceover services. John along with his partner Dan Mineart produced the new forthcoming album, Shadows by The Relapse Symphony. It is an amazing album that truly takes the young band to new levels within their music. Check out an interview with vocalist Bret Von Dehl here as we discussed his album.


John in addition to producing, is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter for his band Savage Bones along with his producing partner, Dan. Their music is filled with emotionally driven lyrics, heartfelt songs that will appeal to all your senses. Their music is a mixture of Americana wrapped in Alternative Country. It is refreshing and new, and with songs like Impossible Love or Wild and Free, you can’t help but feel a connection to their music. Do yourself a favor and make sure to check out Savage Bones.

Savage Bones

Savage Bones

Meanwhile, whether you are a musician in search of a producer, enjoy the inner workings of music, an aspiring producer, or just want to know more about music production, I would suggest you take the time out to check out our in-depth interview with John here:


It was great to talk with John and to really see the passion he has in producing as well as his own music. We look forward to seeing what John has in store for us in the future, whether it be his own music or through the records he producers. Echodog Productions is definitely making a great name for themselves.

~ Marisol

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