An Interview with Ragdoll at the Whisky a GoGo

Posted: May 22, 2014 in Band, Concerts, Entertainment, Hard Rock, Interview, music, rock, Sunset Strip, Tour, Whisky a Go Go
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We recently brought you our coverage of Australian rockers Ragdoll as they performed last Saturday night at the Whisky a GoGo. You can read more about that night here: Ragdoll at Whisky A GoGo. They were in town to open for legendary rockers Skid Row and it was an awesome night and they put on a excellent set.  Ragdoll have returned to the the US in support of their upcoming release, Ragdoll Rewound which is a compilation of Ragdoll‘s first two releases (‘Ragdoll Rock’ and ‘Here Today’) plus four live recordings, one of which is a new composition, “Rewind Your Mind.” The album is set to release later this week on May 23rd.  This powerful trio are creating a strong rock and roll sound worthy of your attention. Ragdoll is Ryan Rafferty on Lead Vocals/Bass, Leon Todd on Guitar and Cam Barrett on Drums.

We had a chance to talk with Ragdoll after their set at the Whisky and take them around the Sunset Strip a shoot a couple fun photos. Check out our interview with Ragdoll and Rockin Ryan’s photos from the Sunset Strip: 


Ragdoll put on a solid rockin set filled with energy that had the crowd on their feet. It is great to see how a trio can create such a powerful sound and breathe fresh new life into rock and roll.  They all have great stage presence, with Leon jumping around and getting the crowd fired up, Ryan captivating the crowd with his vocals and Cam was spot on his precision drumming, all while the three of them were smiling at the crowd. You can really tell that these three love what they are doing and they are exactly where they belong; on the stage. Check out the slide show of photos by Rockin Ryan from their set (you can also check them out on Rockin’ Ryan’s Facebook Album)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ragdoll will be performing at Rocklahoma as well as other US Rewind Your Mind Tour Dates. Visit the Ragdoll website for a complete list of upcoming shows. Make sure to visit their social media sites, pick up your copy of Rewind Your Mind and stay tuned for more rock and roll from Ragdoll. I will leave you with some videos of their set at the Whisky.

~ Marisol


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