We Are Harlot most recently made their debut at Rock on The Range this past Sunday and are set to perform at Rocklahoma this upcoming Saturday due to Trivium cancelling as per doctor’s orders. We Are Harlot just released their first single, Denial last week and has had everyone talking. Just this morning on my drive to take Brandon to school, as soon as we got in the car, Denial was playing on Octane. Of course Brandon was screaming out, “LOOK It is We Are Harlot!”… Ahhh the joy of having a rock n roll family.  Anyway, in the past we have featured Jeff George several times, he was our Day 1 of 12 Days of Guitarists  and we have featured our Interview with Jeff George here. Now it is time we get to know bassist, Brian Weaver.

We are pleased to bring you our interview with Brian Weaver here:

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Music Junkie Press:  Thank you Brian for talking with us here at Music Junkie Press!  We heard you debuted at the Rock on the Range this past weekend, how was that for you, to finally make your We Are Harlot debut?

Brian: It was incredible! As I’m sure you know by now, Harlot has been 3 years in the making with tons of ups and downs just to get to this point of playing live for the first time. We wanted to really make a statement when people saw us for the first time and do it in the biggest way possible. And what better way to do that than at the biggest rock show in America than Rock On The Range! People were saying to us, ‘How about you guys do a couple warm up shows beforehand?’, and we said fuck that! This is how we want be introduced to the world. And it couldn’t have gone any better. The crowd was insane and our entire team was there watching side stage. Some had tears in their eyes. It was pretty special

Music Junkie Press: Next up is Rocklahoma, how did that come about?

Brian: We were literally just about to check out of our hotel in Columbus to start heading back to LA when we got a call asking if we wanted to do Rocklahoma on the way back. What happened was Trivium had to drop off the show for medical reasons and they needed a band to take the slot. Everyone there had heard the buzz about our show at ROTR and called to ask if we wanted to play. We said fuck yea! Let’s do it.

Music Junkie Press: We had the opportunity to catch you perform with your Silvertide bandmate Nick Perri at NAMM. You guys were awesome. NAMM is definitely the Disneyland for musicians! Can you tell us about your rig rundown?

Brian: Thanks! At NAMM this year year I was playing a Custom Perri Ink bass that Nick was debuting that he builds by hand and every instrument he makes is totally custom. Really great instruments. But generally I play Fender P basses and Jazz Basses. Ampeg Classic heads and 8×10 cabinets. And GHS strings. As far as pedals I keep it pretty simple. Sometimes I’ll use a Sans Amp to get a little extra grit and Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff if I want straight up distortion. I like the Bass Big Muff because you don’t lose any of the bottom end like you would on a classic Big Muff

Music Junkie Press: How old were you when you first starting playing bass?

Brian: 12. But I started out on guitar when I was 8 and then started playing some drums, then I graduated to bass.

Music Junkie Press: Can you remember what is the first song you learned in its entirety?

Brian: I honestly can’t remember the first song on bass but I feel like it was probably something by The Beatles or maybe even Zeppelin or Green Day. On guitar I think it was something silly that’s in those Mel Bay books because, you know, I was 8 haha. But the first rock song I learned was I think Losing My Religion by R.E.M

Music Junkie Press:  What were some of the most influential bands for you when growing up?

Brian: Zeppelin, The Beatles, ACDC, The Police, Pink Floyd. I also was really into a lot of Motown and R&B stuff. James Jamerson is my favorite bass player and he played on all that Motown stuff. In high school I had that book “Standing In The Shadows Of Motown” and I would practice sight reading his bass lines while playing along to the recordings

Music Junkie Press: If I could peak into your Ipod, what artist or song might I be most surprised at finding in there?

Brian: Probably a lot of old school jazz stuff or Rick Astley HA!

Music Junkie Press:  How about your work with Silvertide, we know that you have upcoming shows planned later in the year, will there be another Silvertide album in the works?

Brian: We’ve been talking recently about scheduling and when we can set up some shows. All of us are very busy with different things right now. For me personally, Harlot is about to get very busy with touring and the album dropping this year so  we just need to figure what works best for all of us. But my guess is maybe some time in the fall. As far as an album, last year we did record 5 songs for an EP and they are done. And we do plan on releasing them. But like anything else in this business, things take time and there’s a bunch of hoops to jump through. But we are in talks about scheduling a release.

Music Junkie Press: Here at Music Junkie Press, we are strong believers at how music can help, heal, inspire and so much more, can you share a story with our audience about a time when music most helped you?

Brian: I think it helps me everyday. If there’s anything fucked up going on or stress, when I’m playing or working on music it gets all that off my mind

Music Junkie Press: What advice can you give to young musicians who are struggling to maintain their musical identity in today’s industry where they might be encouraged to make their music fit a specific genre or the trending style of today? This is especially prevalent with young rock and roll artists who are often dissuaded about playing rock and going into a metal core, subgenre, etc.?

Brian: I think the best bands and artists are the ones that don’t sound like anyone else. And that’s what everyone should strive to do. What’s the point of doing something or sounding like everyone else into a specific genre. Do what you want to do and be passionate, but also strive to be unique

Music Junkie Press: If We Are Harlot was to become a comic book, what would everyone’s super hero name be and their super powers be?

Brian:  Well I for sure gotta go with our Emoji alter egos.

  • Danny- The Dragon- Fly and spit fire.
  • Jeff- The Wolf- A howl that makes your head explode.
  • Bruno- The Cat- Claws like Wolverine that can cut through anything and everyone
  • Me- The Snake- spit venom like battery acid and squeeze you to death with my bare hands
  • Those sound more like villains, but what the hell! Villains are cool

Music Junkie Press: Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share with our audience?

Brian: Yes, check out our first single ‘Denial’ at where you can also sign up to get a free download. And tell your local radio stations to play it! And thanks to all the fans that have waited this long. You all rock!

* * * * * * * * 

So if you are going to Rocklahoma, make sure to catch them on the Hard Rock Stage on Saturday night at 8:30 pm.  Last week, We Are Harlot released their much anticipated new single, Denial. This was not only their first single, but gave their fans a true taste of what to expect from the upcoming We Are Harlot album. We Are Harlot is a band three years in the making and they must be quite proud of themselves to see their vision finally come to fruition.

The new single Denial is now available at It is a free download with an email sign up.  YES, it was worth the wait, Rock n Roll vocals, precision drumming, rousing bass, smoking guitars and sweet ass solo! These four guys have done a great job, congratulations guys! And Harlot Domination has begun! Check out the song here:


Come join Music Junkie Press as we head to Las Vegas, NV for their show on May 28th at Vinyl in the Hard Rock Hotel. They will be performing with The Pretty Reckless! Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on the latest We Are Harlot news. I will leave you with our interview with 3/4 of We Are Harlot at NAMM 2014.

~ Marisol  


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