We Are Harlot new single, DENIAL is set to give rock and roll a much needed facelift!

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Earlier today, We Are Harlot released their much anticipated new single, Denial. This was not only their first single, but gave their fans a true taste of what to expect from the upcoming We Are Harlot album. We Are Harlot is a band three years in the making and they must be quite proud of themselves to see their vision finally come to fruition.

Now let’s talk about the song itself. It starts off with a tease of a ballad through Danny’s smooth vocals and Bruno transitions us with his fierce drumming and Brian on his rousing bass into heavy ROCK N ROLL mode. The tempo is then kicked up a notch further as Jeff leads us into a full on guitar frenzy. One of my favorite highlights of the song is the chorus which I can only imagine the crowd at Rock on the Range singing along to. Jeff  then spoils us with a smoking solo that will have you drooling and begging for more. We are even treated to a bit of Danny’s signature growls so if you are even a smidgen of an Asking Alexandria fan, you will be pleased. Everything about the song is off the hook; harmonies, heavy bridge, riffs, even down to the whisper backing vocals during the pre-verse. One thing is for sure, the wait was definitely worth it.

The new single Denial is now available at www.weareharlot.com. It is a free download with an email sign up. f their first single. YES, it was worth the wait, Rock n Roll vocals, precision drumming, rousing bass, smoking guitars and sweet ass solo! These four guys have done a great job, congratulations guys! And Harlot Domination has begun! Check out the song here:

Congratulations to the boys in We Are Harlot for a well written, on point, perfectly executed rock and roll song. Get ready as We Are Harlot  (just as said in our Countdown of 14 Bands to Rule 2014) for them to dominate with their rock and roll.  They will be making their first ever debut at this year’s Rock on The Range. We asked the guys in We Are Harlot about the anticipation of their release and their debut at this week’s Rock on the Range Festival and here is what they had to say,

It’s been a long road getting this band to where it is now..and the four of us here together for this first show. But here we are… and now there’s no denying it! Rock n Roll needed a fucking facelift. And the fans of rock music around the world have screaming for change! And… Rock on the Range is the perfect place to start this revival. We have no album out. And the audience won’t know our songs.. But they will get it.. Because they are what it is all about! An army.. A Harlot Army! You’re gonna see four guys rip the roof off the place Sunday.. And that is only the beginning!

So if you are going to Rock on the Range, be prepared to watch history being made as We Are Harlot perform live for the first time as a band. They will be performing at the Ernie Ball stage on Sunday at 3:05. They will also be signing at the ESP Guitars Booth on Saturday at 3 pm. In case you can’t make it out to ROTR, come join Music Junkie Press as we head to Las Vegas, NV for their show on May 28th at Vinyl in the Hard Rock Hotel. They will be performing with The Pretty Reckless!

We Are Harlot


Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on the latest We Are Harlot news. You don’t want to miss anything from your new favorite band! ~ Marisol  


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