Bad Romantics deliver a fun energetic set to the Troubadour

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Alternative Rock, Band, Concerts, Entertainment, music, New Music, New Release, Pop, Pop Punk
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Saturday night we were at the Troubadour in Hollywood to cover the CD release show of hard rockers Diamond Lane. The night was filled with amazing bands. You can read about all the bands of the night here;  The Book of CurtisLove and a .38,Diamond Lane, Delta Rose and now it is turn for you to check out Bad Romantics. Bad Romantics treated the crowd to a fun energetic set filled with Alternative Rock/Power Pop songs. The have a sound that is almost a 50’s doo-wop era but then wrapped in the velvety luster of power pop and punk. You have infectious vibes, catchy hooks, and the intensely gritty yet alluring vocals that will mesmerize you. Check out the photos by Rockin Ryan of their set:

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One of my favorite songs of their set was China Doll which can be found on their Love at First Sight EP. You can pick up the EP on iTunes here. They are set to release a 2nd EP Sorry Not Sorry later this year. You can check out their song Falling which will be on their new album in their video here:


Falling is such a beautiful song and you can really pick up the doo-wop influence and yet, they have updated the style with their own unique style. I truly don’t think I have heard anything like it today.Today, you have so many genres with cross overs and subgenres but this is the first time that I really can pick out a power pop/doo wop sound. You know what? I really like it and I can’t wait to see what is in store for us with their new album. You can pick up their new song, Falling on iTunes here. It is definitely one for your daily playlist.

Bad Romantics is:

  • Albert Garrett
  • Jeffrey Covey
  • Jonny Udell
  • Ryan Harris

Also make sure to visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news and catch them live! They will have you instantly hooked.

~ Marisol

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