The Book of Curtis puts on a heartfelt soul touching set at the Troubadour

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Entertainment, Feed your Soul, music, New Music, Singer, Songwriter
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Saturday night we headed down to the Troubadour in Hollywood to cover the CD Release Party of Hard Rockers Diamond Lane which was put on by Lara Gladstone Presents.. The night was exceptional and not only did Diamond Lane put on a KICK ASS set which we will be featuring in a later post, but all the bands were amazing. Make sure you check out our other posts on  Love and a .38Diamond Lane, Bad Romantics and Delta Rose.

The night started off with The Book of Curtis, which treated us all to a set filled with heartfelt songs that touched your soul. It was a set with a man and his guitar inviting us into his thoughts and world as we took a musical journey through his songs.  The songs literally made you feel as if you were in the right place at the right time. Words and melodies sung through passionate vocals completely touched me. The warm vocals held me captive as I enjoyed every word that trailed off in song. Completely amazing set and I really look forward to finding out when I can catch The Book of Curtis once again.  Check out the slide show of Rockin Ryan’s photos from the set:

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I really hope that there will be an upcoming EP or CD for us to pick up because it was musically magical and I would want to experience that again. As the Bio states on FB really captures The Book of Curtis:

I started to enjoy the small things more then I thought I ever would
I started to understand the precious moments more then I thought I ever could
I see that John was right words are where it all starts
This book is for the words that sound good in my heart.


~ Marisol

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