Magic was in the air for the stellar set by Love and a .38 at the Troubadour

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Bands, Blues, Concerts, Entertainment, Hard Rock, Interview, Los Angeles, music, NAMM, New Music, New Release, rock, Video
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To continue our coverage from Diamond Lane‘s CD Release Party from Saturday night….. As I mentioned it was a night full of awesome music. We told you earlier about The Book of Curtis and Diamond Lane, now let us tell you about another highlight of the evening; Love and a .38. There must have been some magic in the air because I could never imagine Love and a .38 to top their last performance that I saw of theirs back in March at the Troubadour. Well, they certainly did just that. It was a set filled with some old Love and a .38 tricks as well as some new ones up their sleeves. They came out full 150% adrenaline running through their veins and they had one thing on their mind…. To blow our minds with their show.

Ryan was as charismatic as ever and had the crowd under his rock and roll spell with his powerful vocals and seductive style. At one moment, I felt like Ryan was channeling Jim Morrison and was as engaging as a young Robert Plant. It was truly magical. Domo was a madman as he yielding out his thundering riffs and sweet solos as he jumped up on the customized light box.  Justin was charged up and ready to go as he was having his way with Aurora (his bass) and he was lit up on his lightbox. He was fierce as he pounced across the stage with the prowess like a panther as he surveyed the crowd. Danny on drums was like a powerhouse of energy as he pounded out his drums and crashing the cymbals, while still putting on a show with his sticks. These gives were on fire and another highlight was when Ryan and Justin came down and joined the crowd as they didn’t miss a beat of their playing/singing. They also treated us to their FANTASTIC cover of Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart.   Check out the slide show of Rockin Ryan’s photos here:

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Love and a .38 are currently working on their new album and this was going to be the last show for a while. They really sent off us off begging for more as we anxiously await their new album later this year and we can’t wait until the next time we can catch them live!  Love and a .38 have a very dedicated fan base and they enjoy being actively involved through their social media sites, so go head over, follow them and send them some love.  We will leave you with our interview with  Justin, who ran into at this year’s NAMM Convention as his bass, Aurora was featured at the Hipshot booth. Make sure you read all our coverage on the bands;  The Book of CurtisDiamond Lane,  Delta Rose and Bad Romantics.

~ Marisol


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