New Years Day stops in at Slim’s in San Francisco for the We Love Tour

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This week was filled with great concerts and it was awesome to see New Year’s Day again as they came to Slim’s in San Francisco on Thursday night. They are on the We Love Tour featuring Combichrist and William Control. Once again they delivered a high energy intense set that had the crowd in awe. I think they set a record for crowd surfing during a set at Slim’s which rarely tolerates. It was probably the most energetic crowd that I have witnessed at their performances, full on mosh pit, crowd participation and infectious passion raging through the crowd.

As I told you the last time I saw them, they once again made lifelong fans with their set. That is what happens when you see them live, you can’t help but harness their energy and enjoy the show and join the New Years Day family! Jake Jones on the guitar is like a modern day Doyle as he stomps around feeding the masses with his energy. Nikki Misery reminds me of the charismatic Marilyn Manson and is a madman on his guitar. Nick Rossi on the drums displays impeccable precision drumming as he always stays on the beat and makes sure the crowd is off their feet. Anthony Barro on Bass unleashes his energy with the backing vocals, all while yielding his crunchy basslines. Then you have, front and center Ash Costello who is an amazing vocalist that has an infectious stage presence. All together New Years Day create the perfect intense set that is a MUST SEE!

Check out the slideshow of photographs by our Rockin Ryan:

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There are still a couple more weeks left on the tour and make sure if they are coming to a venue near you, don’t miss them! Here are the tour dates:



I will leave you with a couple tribute videos by Rockin Ryan for Death of The Party  and Angel Eyes which includes photos and footage of their Sacramento set:



Make sure you have the New Years Day album, Victim to Villain. You can pick it up  here on Itunes.  Also, make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news from them.

~ Marisol

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