Farewell My Love on the We Own The Night stop in San Francisco!

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Bands, Concerts, Entertainment, Interview, music, NAMM, New Music, New Release, Tour
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Farewell My Love are just a couple days away from wrapping up their We Own The Night Tour and we caught them as they made there stop in San Francisco.  We have been wanting to see them live for a while now, but the timing and location never did line up until this week. They came to perform at the “Above DNA” stage at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco.  One thing is for sure, they definitely did live up to our expectations, they put on an awesome set!  The stage setup at the Above DNA is very small and space is limited, but that did not stop these five from delivering a 100% energy filled performance.

Farewell, My Love  have the complete package, the kick ass rocker look, charismatic personalities and are damn fine musicians that deliver KILLER ROCK n ROLL! There is no lack of adrenaline flowing through these guys and they bring life and energy to their stage performance.  They put the attention to detail and make sure to give the audience a full rock and roll show which is something lacking from a lot of bands these days. They have an amazingly dedicated fan base that sing along to the songs and know every word! You can’t help but have a good time at a Farewell, My Love concert.

You can check out our slide show of photographs by Rockin Ryan from their set here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Farewell My Love have just  announced another new tour, The Rock and Rebel Tour. The tour is set for summer and also on the bill is Jamies Elsewhere, Incredible Me and lionfight. Check out the tour dates here:



We will definitely be there and encourage you to pick up your tickets early and not miss the show! We will see if we can bring you an interview and a feature on them when they come to Santa Rosa on June 12th! Great thing is, that the venue is about a couple miles from us and we will see if we can get Farewell, My Love to stop in at Music Junkie Press.  You definitely don’t want to miss them when they come to a venue in your town. Full energy, spectacular stage presence and killer music is always a guarantee!

In case you missed it, check out our quick interview we did with three of the members, Ryan Howell, Röbby Creasey and Logan Thayer as we met up at the NAMM 2014 Convention in January. This is one band that not only kick ass rockin but are some of the most nicest people in the industry today. You can check out the full video here:


Make sure to head over to Itunes here and pick up your copy of “Gold Tattoos“. Also visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. I will leave you with some videos from their performance at the DNA Lounge!

~ Marisol





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