Robert DeLong is our Bottle Rock Napa 2014 Featured Artist of the Day

Posted: April 12, 2014 in Alternative, Bands, Bottle Rock Napa, Electronic, Entertainment, music, Music News, rock, Singer, Songwriter
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Robert DeLong

Today our Bottle Rock Napa Featured Artist is Robert DeLong. Today I want to bring you something a little bit different than what I usually share with you. That is the great new music by Robert DeLong. Robert is a singer/songwriter that is truly a one man electronic band. When he performs live, he is a one-man band who uses MIDI interfaces, a full drum set, guitar, drum pads, keyboards, laptops and game controllers, looping his music live to fuse electronic dance beats with striking melodies and lyrics with emotional heart. What you are treated to is a eclectic and highly energetic performance that brings you anything from pop, dance, house, rock and roll and so much more. 

I think Bottle Rock Napa has done such a great job at bringing in a variety of music styles and genres for everyone to enjoy. Robert played at SXSW and had everyone taking notice of his creative unique sound. He has been dubbed the  ‘2013 Artist To Watch’ by the likes of MTV, Billboard and VIBE and continues to have everyone’s attention. He released his album Just Movement and has completed a successful national tour. He also is set to perform at many summer festivals this year to include, Hangout, Bonnaroo, Summerfest, Free Press Festival and many more. Make sure to visit his tour page for more details. One thing is for sure, if Robert DeLong is performing you better believe it will be a colorful and lively crowd filled with infectious energy and Robert will be the highlight of the party. 

Music:  Just Movement  Album which is available on Itunes here:


Songs to Check out: Global Concepts on Just Movement


Bottle Rock Napa Set: May 30, 2014    

Check him out and make sure to visit their social media sites for the latest news. Also mark your calendars for the weekend of May 30- June 1st for the Bottle Rock Napa. You can get more details about the festival and pick up your tickets at  You can check out below all the bands that have been announced and there are still more to come. Stay tuned for a new band featured each day for Bottle Rock Napa.


~ Marisol

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