Taylor Hawkins forms new side project, The Birds of Satan, pre-order new album

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Bands, Entertainment, music, Music News, New Music
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One thing I really love about today’s music scene is that in addition to loving my bands, I can also get to enjoy their many several side projects. Side projects back in the ’70s and ’80s would be the demise of a band or member replacements. Fast forward to today and side projects are just as welcome as a side of fries. Today I wanted to share with you the news of Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins new project, The Birds of Satan.


Taylor joins forces with his bandmates Wiley Hodgen and Mick Murphy from Chevy Metal, his rock cover band to provide more ear porn and please us with their new album. They are set to release  their self titled album on April 15th through Shanabelle Records.  You can head over to their website  www.thebirdsofsatan.com and get your pre-order in so you can instantly download their first single, Thanks for the Line. The new track will have you begging for more and counting down the days until the release. The seven song album features a bit of everything with power ballads, fierce solos, progressive metal and mroe. The track list is as follows:

  1. The Ballad of the Birds of Satan
  2. Thanks for the Line
  3. Pieces Of The Puzzle
  4. Raspberries
  5. Nothing at All
  6. Wait Til Tomorrow
  7. Too Far Gone to See

So make sure to visit their social media sites and even head over here to pick up some of The Birds of Satan merch!

~ Marisol

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