Peter London delivers ‘The Feel Good’ album of 2014 with America

Posted: March 2, 2014 in '90s, Alternative, Alternative Rock, Bands, Feed your Soul, Interview, music, New Music, Songwriter
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Our very own San Francisco favorite singer/songrwriter Peter London has recently released his  new CD America .  Peter is an avid animal lover and has used his gift of music to raise awareness and funds for a refuge animal center through Pets in Need. The end result is that Peter has not only helped a great cause but has succeeded in creating what could be the ‘feel good’ album of the year.

The album takes you  on a primarily acoustic musical journey that brings you a variety of songs ranging from raw emotional tunes, sweet folk songs, modern rock to alternative rock tracks. One thing is for sure, through all the songs, each one will bring a smile to your face and warmth in your heart. Here are some of my favorites even though the whole album is fantastic from start to finish (including the bonus tracks!):

America starts right off with a great passion filled song and the vocals will grab you and embrace your soul. You can literally close your eyes and feel the music heighten all your senses as you take in each breath and feel the beauty of life. 

Jenny is a beautiful song that spark’s a romantic edge but at the same time creates almost the warmth and innocence of that first crush.

Feel Good takes it up a notch as it is time to shake those hips and move around to the fun sexy beat. It is a fun flirty song that captures the fun in the sun attitude meshed with a catchy groove.

Can’t Let Go is another uptempo song that will have you singing along to the catchy tune and enjoy the vibrant guitars, definitely an energy inducing track!

The Acoustic Run Away  has this sweet slow mysterious intro, heavy deep in thought vocals set in and you can feel the lyrics as they wrap around you like a vine. Amazing song and I love the classic flamenco guitar in it, just gives me chills. It is a beautiful track that draws you in and engages you from start to finish.

She’s Going starts with an upbeat drum intro invites you and brings back my love for ’90s modern rock/alternative songs. This song really just takes me back to my free spirited days, it has an old style mod rock feel that I am smitten with.

It’s Alright  is one song that I can’t get out of my mind. I love the guitars and energy but even more so is the vocals that exude a flirty edge that you can’t help but fall in love with.  I love songs that captivate you and feed your soul, like this song.

Rain This is again that song, the perfect song. It is just magical as you feel the melody and the words dance around you and invite you to feel alive. If ever there was a song to paint a picture of bliss, this would be the song for me. It has incredible soul touching vocals and acoustically will take you to a higher dimension. You can check out Peter with Rain here:

Also make sure to check out more Peter London by visiting his social media sites listed below.

~Enjoy, Marisol



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