They did it again! Falling In Reverse  put on another great show on their stop in San Francisco for the Bury the Hatchet tour. Even though we were the second to the last stop of the tour, we were treated to them performing at 150% and their non stop energy set.  I have been to many opening sets for tours as well as closing and it does seem that some bands really trail off when they are down to the last couple days. Almost as if they can taste the freedom and joys of sleeping in their own beds, long showers and days that have yet to be planned.  Well for the boys in Falling in Reverse, they really do show that performing is when they feel most at home because they really come on just as strong as their first show in Los Angeles.  They treated the crowd to an adrenaline filled set where the nearly sold out audience sang along to every word. 

It was a great set and Jacky Vincent and Ron Ficarro were on fire with their energy! Of course, Ronnie and  the whole band were awesome but my choice for MVP of the night goes to Jacky Vincent!  You really can’t help but admire his amazing guitarwork on the solos. 

Check out the photos from Rockin Ryan of their set:

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In case you missed it, Falling in Reverse have been added to the 2014 Vans Warped Tour. You can head over to www.vanswarpedtour.com for more information and tickets.

I will leave you with a tribute video that Rockin Ryan put together which includes photos and footage of Falling In Reverse from the their Unplugged performance and another one from their set at Aftershock Festival:



Also pick up their CD, “Fashionably Late” which is available at music retailers or you can download from Itunes here. Below are some videos from the San Francisco show.

~ Marisol


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