Crank up some Crobot for some dirty groovin rock to wake up your senses!

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It is Monday, the most dreaded day of the week for some, whether it means going back to work, school or just having to face responsibilities. What you need is the perfect pick me up to get your week started off right. You need some Crobot!  Crobot is Brandon Yeagley on Lead Vocals and  Harp, Bishop on Guitar and Vocals, Jake Figueroa on Bass and Paul Figueroa – Drums. Together these four deliver a dirty groove rock sound that will have moving in no time. Want to know more about them? Check them out here in their EPK Video:


Crobot is heading out to perform at SXSW in March and also will be doing a tour with Truckfighters. We are glad to see that they will be bringing their larger than life sound to the DNA Lounge in San Francisco for us to enjoy. They have such a killer sound that is groove heavy, riff rock or as they say: “Bang your head and shake your ass at the same time“. That is the perfect way to describe it it. One thing they are not lacking is ENERGY and you definitely can’t miss them. The tour dates for them are listed below:

  • Sat Feb-22                  Lackawaxen, PA        Winter Wheeliefest III
  • Sat Mar-01                  Pottsville, PA               Trippin Billie
  • Thu Mar-06                 Brooklyn, NY              Saint Vitus
  • Fri Mar-07                   Stanhope, NJ              Stanhope House
  • Sat Mar-08                  Wilmington, DE           Mojo 13
  • Mon Mar-10                Atlanta, GA                 Vinyl                            w/Truckfighters
  • Wed Mar-12-14           SXSW
  • Sat Mar-15                  Ft. Worth, TX              Lola’s Saloon               w/Truckfighters
  • Sun Mar-16                 Albuquerque, NM        Launchpad                  w/Truckfighters
  • Tue Mar-18                 Los Angeles                Satellite                       w/Truckfighters
  • Wed Mar-19                Sparks, NV                 The Alley                     w/Truckfighters
  • Thu Mar-20                 San Francisco             DNA Lounge               w/Truckfighters
  • Fri Mar-21                   Las Vegas, NV            Vinyl At Hard Rock     w/Truckfighters
  • Sat Mar-22                  Tucson                        The Rock                    w/Truckfighters
  • Sun Mar-23                 Pheonix                       Cresent Ballroom        w/Truckfighters
  • Fri May-16                  Columbus, OH            Rock on the Range

We are excited to hear that they are also in the studio working on their 2014 album release through Wind Up Records.  We will hope to bring you an interview and coverage of Crobot from their San Francisco show. Stay tuned and also make sure to visit their social media sites.

~ Marisol

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