Hilliat Fields new album The Waiting is Zen inducing!

Posted: February 12, 2014 in music, New Music, New Release
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Amid the hustle and bustle of every day life, ringing phones, technology blaring, horns honking, senseless chatter, sometimes you may find it hard to even hear your own thoughts.  How long has it been since you really have sat down and let yourself relax and explore your mind?

I know one thing for sure, it has been a long time since for myself to just let go, release and rejuvenate. Well, if you are looking for the perfect mood setting soundscapes to transport you on your path to balance and relaxation, I have the album for you!  Hilliat Fields from London, UK is set to release his new album, The Waiting on March 1st.

The six song album features songs that create the perfect ambience and literally are zen inducing.  There is something about the beauty of atmospheric setting music and how it can create visuals for you that can truly bring both your mind and body in sync, or take you to an exact memory or place in time.  That is exactly what happens when I listened to the Hilliat Fields album.

The self titled track, took me on a journey back to my past, as I reflected on a quite emotional time in my life where I suffered a personal loss. It was interesting though, since I was able to relive the moment as if watching it and not feeling the pain and sting once again that the memory usually brings to me. I was able to simply reflect on the time and to come to a peaceful understanding of the situation. It was quite rewarding.

Music is amazing. There are so many different styles and genres of music and I love to explore them and see how each one impacts me.  That is what is so wonderful about music. If you could just take the time out to listen, to be open, to be aware, you will find beauty in all the sounds around you and music will be so much more fulfilling to listen to.

Make sure to check out Hilliat Fields new album on March 1st. I will keep you updated on where to purchase it and provide you links closer to the release date. For now, head on over and stay up to date on the social media sites or check out all the collection of Hilliat Fields available now on Itunes.

~ Marisol

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  1. Devin M says:

    Perfect afternoon mood setting music for those days where you need to warm your heart. greatreview musicjunkie

  2. andusay says:

    Great review, I know exactly what you mean felt the same after listening 🙂

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