Jeff Hanneman gets Traffic circle named after him in Poland

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Breaking News, Metal, music, Music News, Uncategorized
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Last year through a charity auction, a company Art-Com Ltd. won the rights to rename a traffic circle for a period of one year. The money donated for the name change will be going to fund medical equipment for children and seniors.  Art-Com, being the bad ass metal lovers, decided to pay tribute to our fallen metal guitarist, Jeff Hanneman of Slayer. Jeff Hanneman died May 2, 2013 from cirrhosis of the liver.  So now the traffic circle in  Jaworzno, Poland has been renamed Jeff Hanneman’s Circle Pit.



You can watch a brief video clip of the sign change here:


That is soooo METAL!!! Thanks Art-Com for honoring the great Jeff Hanneman, truly a spectacular shredder and an amazing person. He was loved by all and is greatly missed. It is nice to see him getting this honor.

~ Marisol


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