Check out our chat with the rockin girls of Bloody Mary at NAMM 2014!

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One thing that I really love about attending NAMM is finding a lot of great new bands. One of those bands we found this year was Bloody Mary from Chicago. This is an all girl teenage rock band that has a big sound filled with lots of talent. It is amazing to hear them and then find out they are young teens. They have a solid sound that will definitely impress you! They have been rockin the Chicago scene but are also garnering National attention with their high energy performances.

So who is Bloody Mary? You have Ana Apollo on Lead Guitar/Vocals, Kat Cannons on Drums/Vocals, Rickee Divine on Guitar/Vocals and Hollie Wood on Bass/Vocals. Together these guys deliver true rock n roll sound reminiscent of the Runaways or todays’ Cheri Bomb.  One of the songs I really love of theirs is Where Do We Go and you can head over to their Facebook page and take a listen here.

We ran into Bloody Mary at one of the most rockin booths of NAMM, the Dean Guitars booth and we chatted with them for a bit. We are pleased to bring you that interview here:


The girls are currently working on their second album and we can’t wait to get them to return back to Los Angeles and play at the Whisky in Hollywood. I am sure they would feel right at home and their music will have everyone rockin!  We will see if we can bring you an in depth interview so you can get to know this fast rising rock band, Bloody Mary.

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest  news, request them at your local radio station. Let’s get everyone to know more about Bloody Mary!!!!

~ Marisol

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