Money Brothers release BAD ASS new song, Clarity (Behind the Curtain)

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Money Brothers

We had just told you yesterday about the newly released video from Money Brother$  titled, “Behind The Curtain” in which they answer some unanswered questions and rumors. You can read more from that earlier post here.  They then went on to tell us about their new EP. Today they released another song, “Clarity (Behind the Curtain)” and it is heavy and bad ass!  I love it, it has some spectacular screaming vocals and great clean choruses that just complete this song. They really did a fantastic job. Check it out for yourself here:

Hope you bought the track so you can be cranking that one up loud each day!We sure did. I am really looking forward to what else they  have in store for us and counting down to them touring! In case you missed their video ‘Behind the Curtain’ from yesterday, you can check it out here: (this is a repost by A New Beginning since original was removed)

Make sure to head over to their social media sites and stay connected. You don’t want to  miss any updates or latest Money Brother$ news. So stay tuned for some amazing music and get ready for them to takeover 2014!

~ Enjoy, Marisol

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  1. Dylan Perillo says:

    These guys a fuckin badass. Can’t get enough.

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