So today is the day that Steel Panther reveals their album cover art for their new album, “All You Can Eat“. Steel Panther teamed up with Grill Em All which serves up DAMN GOOD burgers in the LA Area. Today the will be debuting the cover art as well as giving away free burgers! So if you are a vegan or if you don’t live in the LA area, here is your sneak peek at the album cover art:



If you are in the Southern California area, you still have time to make it out to the locations and pick up your free burger. Here is the schedule from Grill Em All for today’s stops:

Grill Em All





This new album promises to deliver more of the raunchy, sleazy, Glam Metal/Rock that we love from Steel Panther. With song titles like, Party Like Tomorrows The End Of The World, The Burden of Being Wonderful, Glory Hole and Gang Bang at the Old Folks Home they are definitely going to be in prime form and we can’t wait for the release in Spring 2014.

Steel Panther has been busy with non stop touring and they were ranked at our Number 2 SPOT for Countdown of 14 Bands That Will Rule in 2014! There is no letting up with these crazy rockers! Some may only know Steel Panther as a parody band personifying the glam/metal lifestyles of the ’80s but you may know that they are DAMN talented musicians.

Michael Starr on Vocals has one of the best vocal ranges and his high notes will have you thinking you are on the Sunset Strip in 1985. Lexxi Foxxx pounds out some slamming bass as he whips his hair and primps in the mirror. Satchel on guitar embodies a true Guitar God, with the moves, stage presence and he KICKS ASS on the guitar. His solo will have you drooling. Stix Zadina is a fierce madman on the drums and is smoldering on his double bass.

Check out the tribute video that Rockin Ryan did to our favorite song, Eyes of a Panther and it includes footage and photos he took from their 2013 shows:


Make sure to visit their social  media sites so you can stay up to date on the album release as well as upcoming tour dates.  Time to pull out your spandex, cut up tee shirts and be prepared for ALL YOU CAN EAT!

~ Marisol

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