Check out Switchblade Serenade and their new release “Who Are You?”

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Switchblade Serenade

Rockers Switchblade Serenade are only a couple weeks away from the release of their album, “Alive at Night”.  We can’t wait for it! We featured Switchblade Serenade as Day 6 on our 12 days of Bands You Have To Know.  These guys definitely have the rocker look and the talent to back it up! Their new album is going to have you hooked.

Bassist Ed Mandevil tells us more about their new single,  “Who are You?”. “The song is about asking the listener who they really are. There are so many fakes and phoneys out there and we’re a bit tire of it!”  The song has a bad ass bass intro, vocals are edgy yet mysterious, love the backing vocals, great guitar solo and rockin drums!  How about checking out the song before it’s January 10th release?? Check it out here!


Switchblade Serenade is Austin Jaser on Guitar and Lead Vocals, Luke Barone on Drums and Vocals and Ed Mandevil on Bass and Vocals.  These three young guys bring a great big sound that you have to take notice of. They are from New Haven, CT and you can definitely feel their musical influences such as Skid Row, Guns n Roses and Motley Crue come to life in their tunes.

Check out one of my other favorite songs by them, Switchblade Susie here:


So mark your calendars for January 10th so you can pick up the new album, “Alive at Night” which was produced, mixed, and mastered by Nick Bellmore (Drummer of Toxic Holocaust and Kingdom Of Sorrow) at Dexter’s Lab Recording Studio. Check out the amazing album artwork which was done by Halsey Swain. 

Alive at Night

~ Marisol

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Switchblade Serenade

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