Day 12 of 12 Days of Guitarists goes to Zakk Wylde

Posted: December 25, 2013 in 12 Days of Guitarists, Bands, Entertainment, Guitarist, Heavy Metal, music, Video
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This is it! Our last day of 12 Days of Guitarists and it goes to  none other than the MOST BAD ASS GUITARIST…… Zakk Wylde!!!  Zakk shreds like no other!!!

Zakk has been very busy this year. He released with Black Label Society, “Unblackened”, the new live DVD/Blue Ray and CD.  The double disk release not only featured a stripped down approach to all the classic hits like “Stillborn,” “The Blessed Hellride,” “In This River,” “Throwin’ It All Away,” “Losin’ Your Mind,”  but fierce guitar solos that you love from Zakk. There is also bonus material that includes photo gallery, music video and Interview with Zakk.  Make sure to pick up your copy to add to your Zakk Wylde collection.

Zakk also teamed up with Death Wish Coffee to bring you their newest addition, Valhalla Java!! This is the kind of the coffee that you need after one of those nights when you think nothing can wake you up! Death Wish Coffee Co. known as The Responsible Coffee Company with an Irresponsible Product Try at Your Own Risk! Check out this fun video about the new coffee:


Black Label Society have been busy working in Zakk‘s home studio, The Black Vatican, on their new album! Zakk mentions that the new Black Label Society album should be out in April 2014 and will include more of the heavy-riffing Les Paul-roaring that Black Label Society is known for.

Zakk is amazing with his blistering licks and most notably about his style is his huge vibrato! He has lightning speed and precision alternate picking style. You can try to emulate Zakk‘s guitar playing style, but he  has so  many tricks in  his bag, you will never come close to his AMAZING guitar work!!!

Zakk also came up here to EMG to celebrate their 25th anniversary with Zakk Wylde and the release of Metal Works. To celebrate EMG released a Zakk Wylde Limited Edition Set. We ran in to Zakk when he was up here at EMG and the boys had a great time talking with him.  Check out the picture of Rockin Ryan and Brandon here with him.

photo (42)

Check out the release video here for the EMG pickups from earlier this year:


Now let’s kick back with a cup of Valhalla Java, play some songs from Unblackened and dream about the new Black Label Society album and tour!  I will leave you with a couple music videos from Zakk‘s visit to EMGtv which includes an acoustic performance by Zakk of Lovin Woman and another of his smokin solo work over an Andy James track provided by Jam Central Track.

Enjoy, Marisol




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