Countdown of 14 Bands That Will Rule 2014, #1 goes to HARLOT!

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Today is the Day….. We made it to the No. 1 Spot on the Countdown of 14 Bands that Will Rule 2014…..

The Number 1 Band That Will Rule 2014 is…….HARLOT!

I know that you may be thinking, Woa, wait a second. Harlot? They don’t have any music out, how could they be on the list??? Well, let me tell you….. wait and see because Harlot is going to have Global Domination in 2014 and everyone will know Harlot and their music. Harlot is a band that has been 2 years in the making and the time is now for them. HARLOT is Danny Wornsop (Asking Alexandria) on Vocals, Brian Weaver (SilverTide) on Bass, Bruno Agra on Drums and our very own Day 1 of 12 Days of Guitarists; Jeff George (Sebastian Bach) on Guitar. We first heard the news of Harlot early this year and also had the opportunity to chat with Jeff George as  he told us how Harlot began. You can read that interview here.

We have been really excited about this new band and can’t wait to hear the  new music. We contacted Jeff about getting up an update on their album and to congratulate him on Harlot being named the No. 1 Band that will rule 2014.  He then was able to fill us in with a Harlot update:

“Once again from myself and the rest of the guy’s in Harlot we are truly honored to be named the #1 band to take over and rule the world in 2014.

As anyone reading knows.. This has been 2 years in the making getting to this point. And we are way fucking ready! We are so amazed by all the incredible fans that have stood by and waited for Harlot. Trust me.. Danny, Bruno, Brian and myself are right there with you all! As we have stated in the past.. This is the MUSIC BUSINESS.. key word business haha. So its not always just as easy as it should be to put out a record and go on tour. You have different record labels, Lawyers, Managers, Bands and ect ect ect.. there is a long list. So it took us a bit to get all the business sides of things sorted to the point it is now… where we can just fucking rock! And that’s exactly what we are going to do now!

I am extremely excited and happy to say that as of may/june of 2014 you will have the new Harlot album in your hands.. no matter where in the world you may live. I am also happy to say that you will have many many more years of Harlot and Harlot albums to come. I can’t quite divulge everything at this point, but in late Feb everything will be announced through all the worldwide press. This includes a WORLDWIDE Harlot tour in 2014 to go along with the album.
For anyone who was able to catch the interview we did on Sunday night (the amazing fans crashed the site 3 times, along with some blazing internet from AT&T.. NOT)! Or.. in the famous words of our singer Mr. Danny Worsnop “This internet is sucking some serious cock”.. AT&T should totally use this on their billboards.. just sayin! Anyway.. if you caught the show, you will know we let a few more things slip out.. all in all 2014 as the amazing Music Junkie Press has confirmed is going to be a gigantic year for us.
The album itself is and always has been coming along incredible. Over the past 2 years we have written well over 100 songs for the record and have recorded just about most of them. So get ready for some serious B-sides and unheard material at a later date.. cause we have a lot of it haha. Bruno, Danny and myself are all prolific songwriters, so the songs just seem to never stop and they never stop evolving as well. Writing and recording with those 2 guy’s is incredible and when the 3 of us get in a room.. it’s fucking on fire..always! Then Brian comes in all hammered and drunk and just rips amazing bass all over the place and leaves without saying goodbye..haha! But thats also cools as fuck… Benison!
But the musicality and the music influences that we all individually bring to Harlot is ultimately what has shaped it to where it is now. You guys know this about Danny already.. but will come to know this about myself and Bruno as well.. we do not like to be told what to do..haha! So what you will get with harlot.. is us! And all of our wildness and influences smashed together .. we may only live through the first album and  tour.. but fucking hell will it be blast!
The album will probably have 13 tracks.. and bonuses for overseas and things like iTunes, amazon, walmart..ect. Plus we have been asked to have some of our music used for some major movies next year. So if your in the theater and our song comes on in the movie.. just stand up on your chair and yell something cool and throw your soda or popcorn on someone. Then of course sit back down and listen to the song as if nothing weird just happened. The album will be 100% finished as of March 2014!”

March!!! Oh, yes we are even more excited! We have been able to hear snippets of Harlot vocals or guitar tracking via Danny Wornsop’s Instagram/Youtube but we all truly want to  know what to expect with this new album.  Jeff explains more, “It’s definitely 100% a fucking Rock n Roll record. We have played these songs for all of our friends and just about every major person in the music industry. And the reactions we get most often are “Whoa.. whatever this is.. it sounds like everything I love about music” or “Fuck guys.. Im not totally sure what this is.. but it’s really really fucking good”. 

Again.. it’s very tough to describe because it sounds like everything the 4 of us love. So you’ll have a track that sounds like Van Halen, Queens of the stone age, Aerosmith and Maroon 5 all just rocked out an insane orgy together..haha. you may not get it.. but I promise you.. you won’t forget it! And all great music is that way. Tons of rock.. Tons of guitar solo’s.. tons of attitude.. and one of the best voices on the planet! Live.. this band is going to be insane.. I honestly have no idea what is going to take place because were all pretty wild hahaha!”

I can only imagine how crazy a Harlot tour would be. These guys all have high energy, magnetic personalities and are true crowd pleasers. It will be one FUCKIN AMAZING TOUR! Now we can all prepare for Harlot and their tour. We asked Jeff if they plan on doing a US tour and he told us,  “That would be mean if we only toured the US?! Yes – we will be hitting just about every major market worldwide in 2014. Danny also has a very busy schedule with Asking Alexandria of course, so we are working out dates and routing as they come in. And all the guys in AA and Harlot are friends so it’s pretty easy to work most of that stuff out.. just logistics. Of course it does make it wild for Danny as it’s pretty non stop for him.. but this is what we do.. we love music and to play music.. Thats whats in us. If we weren’t playing we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves… well that’s a lie.. we would all be at a bar somewhere haha!”

Harlot tour 2014 will be one of the best, if not THE BEST tour of 2014…… Just this past weekend Danny Worsnop and Jeff performed with Camp Freddy at The Roxy. Check out this video of them performing, “Nothing But a Good Time”:


We asked Jeff how was it performing with Camp Freddy and so many special guests ?  It was definitely an awesome night. The electricity was in the air for sure and the Roxy was about 10 times over sold out! It all came about pretty last minute. We have some friends who are close to all the guy’s in Camp Freddy, so the day before the show.. Billy Morrison hit up Danny about singing a few tunes. And I know the guys as well having previously played on the Sebastian record with Steve Stevens and had jammed with Matt Sorum in the past as well. So Danny threw it out there to have me play too.. and boom.. a few hours later we were in rehearsal.

It was pretty damn surreal to be standing on that little stage with the guys, and Slash and Moby and Billy Ray Cyrus..ect. I mean.. I played Slash’s Les Paul in rehearsal..haha. That doesn’t happen everyday!! Everyone of the guys were ultra cool and just awesome. And it wasn’t Rockstar in anyway.. It was guitars and amps and music.. the same way it is if your 15 years old jamming with your buddies in the garage! And.. Danny sang the fucking roof off the damn place. It was amazing to see Slash and Billy smiling when Danny would sing Journey note for fucking note.. Really impressive! Backstage we all shared rock n roll stories and had a ton of laughs together. We loved Mark McGrath! He is just over flowing with fun and personality.. really cool dude. And.. maybe the most amazing part of it for both Danny and I… it was the first time the 2 of us had ever taken the stage together..:)

Now were ready to do it with our other Harlot brothers as well…  Thanks again so very much Music Junkie Press for making us the #1 band to take over the world in 2014..  Harlot is coming your way.. get ready!

Thank you Jeff for being part of the No. 1 Band to Rule 2014. We are ready to ROCK and for Harlot to dominate 2014 with their KICK ASS ROCK n ROLL!!! Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on the latest Harlot news. You don’t want to miss anything from your new favorite band!

~ Marisol


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  1. LizziSixxLovesYOU says:

    I am going to start saving my money now so I can see EVERY SHOW in the Southwest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bob Guisti says:

    I saw Danny with Asking Alexandria about four times and I saw Jeff George with Bach and he is top notch.We need more Rock and less Metal core or whatever they call it. I am too looking forward to this band. any vidieos yet?

  3. KarenDDXX says:


  4. Devin M says:


  5. Dakota says:

    No Devil You Know? I think Howard Jones’ new band is really going to be one of the best things to look forward to in 2014.

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