Day 10 of 12 Days of Guitarists goes to Steve Stevens

Posted: December 23, 2013 in 12 Days of Guitarists, Guitarist, music, NAMM, rock
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Only three spots remain on our 12 Days of Guitarists for 2013 and Day 10 goes to one of my personal favorites; Steve Stevens. Steve is most notably known for his 30 year career as guitarist and songwriter for Billy Idol.  Steve is also know for his solo work, collaborations as well as frequently playing with the all star band, Camp Freddy and other projects including soundtracks.

Just this past weekend Camp Freddy had three sold out packed to gills shows at The Roxy. Steve was there and he was just a madman on his guitar as usual. I didn’t get to catch him at the most recent Camp Freddy shows but I have seen him many times perform with Billy Idol and he is just spectacular live!

One thing is for sure about Steve, he can play so many different styles and make them his own. His guitar playing knows no genres or boundaries, just pure talent all the way through.  He truly perfects one of my most favorite styles; flamenco. When he performs with Billy and he does his flamenco solo, I am just in awe. I literally can’t take my eyes of his fingers glide across his guitar at lightning speed. Check out this video of Steve Stevens performing live:


Steve is not only an amazing musician but is also one of the nicest guys out there. We have had the chance to chat with him several times during NAMM over the years and he really is just a great down to earth guy. I look forward to catching him once again at NAMM 2014.  For now, how about checking out Steve as he performed with Camp Freddy this past weekend, and Billy Idol came out to sing a couple songs with them. Here is Rebel Yell:


Make sure to head over and visit Steve‘s social media sites as well as pick up some of his merch on his webstore here. You can also check out Steve’s beautiful wife Josie who is featured in our Holiday Q & A Part 1 here where she tells what kind of ornaments Steve and her collect and answers more Holiday questions.

~ Marisol

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