We made it to the #2 Spot and it is time to have some F**KING FUN with our Rock N Roll!! So for #2 I bring you Steel Panther!  2014 is going to be a very big year for Steel Panther. They are set to release their highly anticipated new album, “All You Can Eat“. Steel Panther fans or should I say Fanthers, have been anxiously waiting for new music to follow up their highly successful last album, Balls Out. Some may only know Steel Panther as a parody band personifying the glam/metal lifestyles of the ’80s but you may know that they are DAMN talented musicians.

Michael Starr on Vocals has one of the best vocal ranges and his high notes will have you thinking you are on the Sunset Strip in 1985. Lexxi Foxxx pounds out some slamming bass as he whips his hair and primps in the mirror. Satchel on guitar embodies a true Guitar God, with the moves, stage presence and he KICKS ASS on the guitar. His solo will have you drooling. Stix Zadina is a fierce madman on the drums and is smoldering on his double bass.


Steel Panther has been teasing us all year with talk of their new album and then in October, they finally pleased us all  by releasing their new single/video, Party Like Tomorrows The End Of The World.  It was exactly what we needed to satiate our need for new Steel Panther. Check out the video:


Their video truly highlights the true Steel Panther style, humorous, profane lyrics, politically incorrect innuendos, boobs, drugs, more boobs, and just pure fun. If you take any offense to this, then I would suggest quit reading, this is not the band for you.  But you know what, WE LOVE THEM! In a world where we have to consistently dot our I’s, cross our T’s and hold our tongue, it is nice to let things go and just let loose. Sometimes you just have to not take things seriously and HAVE SOME FUN! Well, we can all do that, even if it is living vicariously through the lyrics of Steel Panther songs.

In 2014, Steel Panther will be busy touring US, Europe…. well let’s just say EVERYWHERE. They are set for Steel Panther World Domination and it is time to join the fun.  Check out the tribute video that Rockin Ryan did to our favorite song, Eyes of a Panther and it includes footage and photos he took from their 2013 shows:


Make sure to visit their social  media sites so you can stay up to date on the album release as well as upcoming tour dates.  Time to pull out your spandex, cut up tee shirts and be prepared to see and hear a lot more of Steel Panther in 2014. Come join the FUN!

~ Marisol

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  1. saw these guys just under three weeks ago and all i can say is they kick ass!!

  2. dani says:

    You spelt Lexxi FOXXX wrong ….. but amazing band!

    • Thanks Dani….. I forgot that Lexxi is soooo dam sexy and is XXX rated!!! I think we will fire Rachel for not catching that or maybe we will let her slide this time….

      We fixxxed it. Thanks again.

  3. Bruce A Miller says:

    Been following the MIGHTY STEEL PANTHER since March 2010…there are no substitutes!!! STEEL PANTHER ROCKS!!!

  4. Al Pacca says:

    Their tour of world domination has already started- in Australia in early December, where THESE GUYS ROCKED!

  5. Devin M says:


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